‘A Chemistry Between Brothers’: Brotherhood In Cretin-Derham Hall Boy’s Hockey

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Cretin-Derham Hall boy’s hockey crew is ranked second within the state and the crew is getting scorching on the proper time.

They’re a brotherhood in a really literal sense.

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The Raiders have two Jakes, two Sondreals and two Fishers. And that’s simply 4 individuals.

“There’s definitely a chemistry between brothers, and teammates,” Zach Sondreal stated. “We all go way back.”

Drew and Jake Fisher are brothers. Drew’s a senior and Jake’s a junior. Zach and Jake Sondreal are twins and so they’re seniors.

“He’s always behind me,” Jake Sondreal stated. “He’s always got my back if I miss the puck or it goes past me and same for him. If he misses a step, I’ll be that F3 covering for him.”

“It’s like on breakouts, I know what his move is gonna be. Even more than what I know for my other players,” Zach stated.

The crew DNA places them a step forward.

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“One of our biggest philosophies as a team is family and building that family culture. And when you have sets of brothers already, it’s kind of easy to build that organically,” Matt Funk stated, CDH boy’s hockey head coach.

“I think that’s how we play so well together now is we’ve been playing together forever, even since we were two, whether it’s an organization or just out on the pond,” Jake Fisher stated, the lone eleventh grader within the foursome.

The Fishers have been taking part in on the identical line for the final three years, ever since Jake was known as as much as varsity as a freshman. A particular expertise that’s paying off this season.

“I know it sounds cliché, but I actually do always know where he is on the ice,” Drew Fisher stated. “A lot of times, I don’t even have to look, I know his tendencies. Especially playing with him since my sophomore year.”

Having brothers in two completely different grades began the crew bonding course of years in the past. Now Cretin-Derham Hall is likely one of the greatest groups within the state.

“We kind of started hanging out with each other’s friends more and more as we all started playing varsity hockey and I think that’s how we all became so tight and so close together,” Drew stated.

“It’s always been a dream to be a top team in the state and make hopefully a state run,” Jake Fisher stated. “So it’s just really cool to be able to do it with your best friend that’s built in.”

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“I just want to make sure I cherish and enjoy this last season with him because it’s been really fun playing with him my whole life,” Drew stated.

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