A photographer in a combat zone: ‘Do I work? Or do I help?’

The vehicles with blown-out windscreens stood out, as did the demolished shopfronts. Things like this led photojournalist Andrew Quilty nearer and nearer to the guts of floor zero in Kabul, the place a bomb had been detonated, following the autumn of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

“That’s what I moved towards. And eventually, I got there,” he says. “And at the centre of it was this pile of bodies, probably 20 bodies, some of them still alive.”

That was when Quilty skilled a second few folks do of their skilled life, however which comes with the territory when taking pictures inside such fight zones. That second when you will have a query to reply: “Do I work? Or do I help?” Quilty says. “You really have no time to make a decision at all. I think I did a bit of both.”

Quilty was talking on the newest episode of Good Weekend Talks — {a magazine} to your ears, by which high journalists from throughout our newsrooms host conversations with the folks capturing the creativeness of Australia proper now.

Quilty is the main focus of a characteristic story on this Saturday’s Good Weekend — “As the Taliban advanced on Kabul, Andrew Quilty landed at its airport” — and the award-winning photographer is joined in dialog by the creator of that piece, Good Weekend senior author Tim Elliott, for a chat about life in that nation.


Kabul had change into Quilty’s dwelling, in any case, and the individuals who lived there his neighborhood, which made wrestling with the horrible fallout from the US withdrawal there in 2021 all of the extra emotional, but additionally harmful.

“There was so much uncertainty,” Quilty notes. “We had no idea how we were going to be tolerated by the Taliban. I think their taking of Kabul had come as a surprise even to them. All of a sudden, they were policing the city, having to deal with issues like the media: ‘Do we even allow them to work?’”

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