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Adorably playful penguins have fun bursting bubbles. Watch cute video

Watch the video to see these cute little Humboldt penguins have the time of their lives with some bubbles.

Kids – and generally adults too – love blowing bubbles and popping them. The cute little Humboldt penguins on this video, shared on Facebook, are seen fairly doing the identical. There is an opportunity that the video will depart you very pleased.

Posted on the official Facebook web page of the Oregon Zoo, this quick video footage is sufficient to deliver a smile to virtually anyone’s face. “No bubble is safe!”, reads the caption.

In the video, the lovable flightless birds are seen waddling round making an attempt their stage finest to pop each single bubble that floats round them with their beaks. The video additionally ends on a hilarious be aware.

Watch the enjoyable animal video proper right here:

Since being posted on November 22, this video has raked in additional than 42,000 likes and several other feedback from folks.

The Zoo itself took to the feedback part to tell viewers extra about these cute creatures. They wrote, “Using their wings as flippers and their webbed feet to steer, Humboldt penguins can swim up to 30 miles an hour and dive about 100 feet. And they’ll dive on land for bubbles too!”

Another particular person shared a good looking reminiscence after they posted, “This brought back memories. I blew bubbles for my dog, Jack, every day at 4:30 pm for over 14 years. It was our favorite time of day and his tail wagged constantly. What a sweetheart.” Another commented. “What a lovely game for them.”

What have been your favorite video games to play with bubbles?

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