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Baby elephant found by a farmer is a playful and happy one. Watch cute video

A video of a baby elephant has been slowly gaining recognition ever because it was shared on Instagram. Shared by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the video showcases a bit of child elephant. The caption that has been shared together with the video on the social media platform describes the life story of this cute creature. It reads, “Nyambeni is alive today because an ordinary man went to extraordinary lengths to save her life. Following a suspicious noise to the edge of a ditch, a Meru area farmer was surprised to find a tiny elephant crying out to him. Far from being deterred by the bellowing calf, Nyambeni’s rescuer rose to the challenge and made it his mission to help her.”

“Given everything she has overcome, one might assume that Nyambeni is a serious girl. As you can see, she is quite the opposite. The Keepers remark how playful and social she is. With her little trunk held aloft, she is constantly cooking up the next activity. She loves making new friends and is always on the hunt for a new source of fun,” the caption concludes.

Watch the video proper right here:

Since being uploaded on Instagram a day in the past, the video has gotten greater than 16,000 likes.

On Instagram, one particular person notes, “God bless the kind farmer who saved this little Darling!” “Nyambeni has joined Naleku and Bondeni in my little herd. She was just so cheery I fell for her instantly! Welcome little one,” one other consumer provides. A 3rd response shares, “I love the fact that you are educating so many locals about the importance of saving these babies’ lives. What an awesome farmer who put his knowledge to work to save little Nyambeni.”

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