Braille bombers boost city signage for the sight-impaired

There are 1000’s of them within the metropolis; caught to avenue indicators and tucked inside elevators. Tiny indicators which might be important to a part of our inhabitants however go unnoticed by most.

Braille messages are discovered on all avenue indicators within the CBD, at bus stops and on a choice of maps, park indicators and public artwork, giving directions and accessibility to the visually impaired.

Braille bombers put together their signeage.Credit:Luis Ascui

Typically small and positioned just under visible indicators, the braille messages carry a variety of bulletins, from easy highway directions to the numbers on elevator buttons.

The indicators are usually regulated by braille organisations however a “braille-bombing event” run as a part of Melbourne Knowledge Week has proven folks tips on how to make their very own indicators so as to add to the town’s assortment.

Participants discovered to braille their very own identify earlier than making labels to imitate printed indicators across the Melbourne Knowledge Week occasion, resembling names of displays and the teams presenting.


They had been additionally given pre-made braille to remove with them, providing constructive messages to imaginative and prescient impaired folks, resembling: “Love braille”, “Love reading”, “Braille since 1829” and “Read on”.

The indicators are written utilizing styluses and slates. The letters are written backwards and browse proper to left.

“It’s like writing a tweet, counting all your characters but doing it backwards and in the mirror,” braille-bombing participant Amanda Kwong mentioned. “It’s been a bit of a brain challenge but really an eye-opening experience.”

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