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Dental Health: Follow These Oral Care Tips And Enjoy The Festivities Guilt-Free

Flossing is as vital as brushing for wholesome tooth

In India, festivals are thought of to be synonymous with feasting! Each competition has a definite set of delicacies and Diwali isn’t any exception on this regard. The festivities for Diwali sometimes final 5 days, throughout this time temples and different locations of celebration are brightly lit. There are varied rituals which are carried out in these 5 days together with shopping for new garments, utensils or gold, exchanging presents with close to and pricey ones and adorning the home with rangoli, diyas and candles. Diwali celebrations are incomplete with out sweets. From barfi, to halwa to Soan Papdi, all kinds of sweets are in demand. It is a identified incontrovertible fact that extreme sugar could be dangerous to our tooth as there’s a direct connection to tooth decay.

Eating sugary and acidic meals promotes bacterial development, the bacterial presence within the mouth sticks to the tooth forming a biofilm referred to as plaque. The mentioned biofilm is able to damaging the enamel which in flip can result in cavities. When plaque stays on the tooth for longer it accumulates minerals from the saliva and hardens into forming tarts. This can irritate and injury the gums inflicting gingivitis, tooth decay and different oral ailments.

It is thus crucial to deal with oral well being particularly through the festive season. The first fundamental step of sustaining good oral well being is brushing tooth correctly, twice a day. By brushing appropriately every single day, one can remove the plaque build-up that may in any other case keep between the tooth, gums and tongue. Brushing frequently not simply prevents gum illness and tooth decay, but in addition promotes a more healthy life-style and a stronger immune system since there are over 120+ systemic ailments linked to oral well being.

Follow these oral care suggestions:

Brushing after a meal

It is advisable to not brush instantly after a meal as tooth are lined with remnants of acidic meals, which may weaken the enamel. Sugar and synthetic sweeteners are extremely acidic meals. Brushing shortly after consuming such meals, whereas your enamel is in its weakened state, could injury the enamel. Apart from sweets, different acidic meals gadgets embrace espresso, tea, oranges, grapefruits and lemons.


Brush, floss and rinse to maintain your tooth wholesome through the festive season
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Brushing is an efficient behavior and one should embrace it within the each day routine however additionally it is really useful to floss tooth at the least as soon as a day. Flossing is extremely really useful throughout competition instances. If the tooth usually are not flossed correctly then the meals particles and micro organism could stay trapped. It’s a easy step that not solely helps in stopping dangerous breath but in addition avoids cavities and gum illness.


Another apply that may assist in preventing tooth decay is the common use of mouthwash. Most mouthwashes include antibacterial brokers which may kill dangerous micro organism. Another benefit of utilizing a mouthwash with fluoride is to keep away from the demineralisation of enamel.

Teeth cleansing

Get your tooth cleansing executed effectively prematurely, the physician will provide you with post-care suggestions that will embrace abstaining from consuming sure meals gadgets. Along with cleansing the dentists may also counsel fluoride varnish to be utilized on the tooth, this may strengthen the tooth.

Drink water

Drink a lot of water as maintaining hydrated permits extra saliva manufacturing, it’s a pure rinser for the mouth. Also, be sure to rinse after consuming each meal, even snacks to clean off any acidic buildup.

It is extremely really useful that folks ought to observe these steps and likewise keep in mind that moderation is the important thing. While it’s good to indulge infrequently, one ought to attempt to not go overboard. Also, in case one feels any discomfort through the festive time or after, they have to go to a dentist and never delay to keep away from issues getting worse.

(Dr. Mohender Narula is a dental skilled, Founder and Chairperson, MyDentalPlan)

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