Election 2022 LIVE updates: US wanted Labor briefed on AUKUS deal earlier; Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese continue campaigns across the nation

Scott Morrison has sought to make clear his admission that he can “a bit of a bulldozer”, saying the pandemic meant he needed to “push through” issues.

Morrison conceded on Friday that he must change some elements of how he operated if he gained the election.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits Extel Technologies in Melbourne on Friday.Credit:James Brickwood

Labor chief Anthony Albanese seized on the “bulldozer” comment, saying it was a concession Morrison was “a wrecker, not a builder” and had put ahead “nothing positive” concerning the future.

On Saturday morning campaigning in Melbourne, Morrison stated the pandemic meant he and the federal government wanted to be “in the gear of pushing through”.

“And that was necessary to ensure that Australia was able to not just come through this pandemic [but to] make many decisions and make many decisions quickly,” he stated.


“I’ve had to take decisions not all of which are popular, and not all of which people would agree with and not on every occasion… because we’re dealing with a global pandemic and we had to move fast. And we had to get things as right as we possibly could.

“And as a government, I’m looking forward to changing the gears of our government to secure those opportunities that are ahead of us. And that means being able to engage more with local communities.”

When requested by a reporter why now was the time to alter, Morrison stated, “I’ve been listening to people”.

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