Environmental and Aboriginal heritage concerns halt $40m Midland bridge works

“The proposed realignment would be less imposing on the nearby environment,” Saffioti stated.

“The state government is committed to exploring a mediated outcome that will address the concerns of traditional owners and other local groups while meeting road network connectivity requirements.

“The proposed new alignment will be a significant diversion from the original proposal; however, I am happy for us to entertain it and we will see how it may work.”

The mission, which was attributable to see clearing begin in September, will likely be on maintain whereas discussions proceed. If the mediation fails the part 10 overview will resume.

Noongar elder Greg Ugle stated on behalf of 12 Traditional Owners concerned within the heritage overview they had been relieved to listen to Main Roads had been instructed to cease works and contemplate their different bridge alignment.

“This outcome should serve as a reminder to everyone that the days of considering Aboriginal cultural heritage as the lowest priority are over,” he stated.

“It is time that Aboriginal people were genuinely and respectfully involved in decision-making that affects our heritage, with a proper seat at the table and the autonomy to make change.”

Ugle stated the scenario served as a reminder they had been on this place as a result of the system meant to guard their heritage was damaged.

“From the majority of Swan councillors who ignored our concerns and even questioned our motives, to an approval process that has no right of appeal, it has been a hard fight to be heard,” he stated.

“We are glad that we can now look forward to starting a genuine discussion with Main Roads about how to better protect the Helena River Wetlands.”


Helena River Alliance spokeswoman Dr Marilena Stimpfl stated the end result was recognition that session must be performed in a way the place there is a chance for enter and never only a tick the field train.

“It is also good news because if the bridge is going to be moved we will also be able to have greater environmental outcomes,” she stated.

“We are happy that Minister Saffioti has understood this is a very sensitive location and she has decided to be a part of the solution.”

The City of Swan was contacted for remark.

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