From the Archives, 1992 : Bitter Greiner forced to quit

First revealed in The Sydney Morning Herald on June 25, 1992

Mr John Fahey is the brand new Premier after Mr Nick Greiner resigned yesterday following the risk by the three non-aligned Independents to carry down his Government by voting for a movement of no-confidence in it.

Premier Nick Greiner and Minister for the Environment Tim Moore insisting there can be no resignations on June 23.Credit:Robert Pearce

Mr Fahey, after securing the Government’s future by gaining the Independents’ settlement, instantly moved to regular the Coalition, racked by 24 months of controversy following the resignation of Dr Terry Metherell.

He mentioned he was “determined to ensure that the instability surrounding the Government in his State over the past several weeks disappears, and disappears from this moment”. He wished to “move forward to govern the people of this State as we have done throughout the past 4 1/2 years or so, and that we do it with the same drive, the same commitment, the same dedication, and with the same results that have been apparent to everybody in very, very difficult times”.

The Minister for the Environment, Mr Moore, additionally resigned beneath the ultimatum from the Independents, Mr John Hatton (South Coast), Ms Clover Moore (Bligh) and Dr Peter Macdonald (Manly).

Independents Peter Macdonald, Clover Moore and John Hatton in 1992.

Independents Peter Macdonald, Clover Moore and John Hatton in 1992.Credit:Robert Pearce

The Minister for Tourism and State Development, Mr Yabsley, who had pledged to resign if Mr Greiner went, additionally stop.

The Independents insisted that Mr Greiner and Mr Moore resign following the discovering of Mr Ian Temby, QC, the pinnacle of the ICAC, that that they had acted corruptly within the resignation of Dr Metherell and his appointment to a $110,000-a-year Public Service job.

This was regardless of a Supreme Court attraction in opposition to the findings of Mr Temby which is because of start subsequent Tuesday.

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