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How Do You Clean Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs are a stylish way to rest your feet. They are also useful as work chairs, due to their soft, smooth texture. They are also very relaxing chairs, because you can lean back and relax.

Both the back and seat can be adjusted to fit your preferred position. This is important, because it gives you some control over how you use this chair.

If you are a pregnant person, then another important part of this chair is the size that it can get. Chiavari chairs can get big fast! Luckily, there are ways to clean them quickly.

Dust off chair

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

Once your chiavari chair is clean, it is time to really enjoy it! Now that you have cleaned it, put a little oil on the back of the chair to prevent it from sticking.

You can do this by doing a little each week – every month we raise our oiling amount by an inch. So each year we would increase the height of the oiler by an additional inch!

Now that you have raised your oiling amount, let it sit until needed. Chiavari chairs typically last a few months before needing replaced because of how much weight it supports.

Use a soft brush to remove dust

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

Once your chiavari chair is cleaned, it is time to add some design. You can do this by using a canned chiaivari brush or buying a new one. Both of these products work in the same way- they remove dust and grease from the chair surface.

To make life easier, can the brush or get one that has been preaddressed to make it easier to store. Once you have them out, let them sit for a few minutes until the grease and dust settle down.

Then, gently sweep up all of the debris and press down with your hand to seal the cleanliness.

Use a soft cloth to wipe down chair

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

After playing with your chiavari chair for a few hours, you should give it a quick wipe down to get out any little dirt or stains. This can be done by taking a soft cloth and wiping down the chair from top to bottom and side to side.

This helps remove any debris or stains that may be embedded in the fabric. You can also use a kitchen towel if that is more available than a cloth.

Wiping the chair with a soft cloth will help prevent some of the leather from breaking down and looking rubbery, which would not look nice as you move around on it.

Mix water and vinegar together

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

This may seem odd to mention after washing the chairs, but do so before cleaning. Chiavari chairs can get quite messy.

If a chair gets stuck, or if you have to clean a lot of dirt and food particles, then the vinegar and water will work together to soften the clay exterior and clean it better. This will prevent any dryness problems that may arise, like cracking or browning of the wood.

We recommend using a handful of common household ingredients for this method. Charcoal works well as a remover, so do that first! If you have strong cleaners available, use those instead of vinegar and water. You want as little liquid as possible going into your chair, so that it can soak up more moisture!

Do not use liquid detergents on these chairs because they would possibly cause them to dry out completely.

Pour mixture onto chair

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

Once you have your chiavari chair, it is time to add some texture. You do this by placing some mixture on the chair. This can be done in several ways, but the easiest is to pour the mixture onto the chair and then roll up the fabric and leave it that way!

You can also put some mixed in with the liquid, like peanut butter would!

Or put some on a sheet and spread onto chair and then pull back up a layer of fabric. Both of these methods result in a more unique looking chair!

Now that you have your chair clean, let it dry before you start any projects.

Let sit and dry

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

Once your chiavari chair is clean, it is time to let it dry. This may mean leaving it in the sun or under a AC unit for a few hours!

Waiting until the furniture is dry may seem expedient, but be careful not to damage the springs or wood of the chair. This must be done carefully or the chair will not recline!

By letting the furniture sit and drying until it is completely cool, you will have a much easier time cleaning it. If you want to speed up this process even more, use a vacuum with a dirt indicatorpad that will indicate when there is enough dirt inside.

Use a soft cloth to wipe down chair again

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

After you have used your chiavari chair for the first time, it is time to take care of it. You can wipe down the chair in a few different ways depending on what you were cleaning it up last.

Wet wipes can be used to clean the seat and/or trunk. These were my favorite way to take care of the chair after the first time we used it.

Dry wipes can be used on the wood and/or leather of the chair, which would prevent water from getting into that area if you had wet wipes applied.

And liquid hand cleansers and soapuds can be applied to the wooden parts of the chair, which would prevent any water from getting into those areas as well.

Sprinkle salt onto wet chair

How do you clean Chiavari chairs?

Once your chiavari chair has been cleaned, it is time to sprinkle some salt onto it. This will help protect the leather from getting dry and damaging.

Salt will prevent the leather from being rubbery, which would result in them breaking or sliding around when you sit down. This would happen if you did not sprinkle salt on it before sitting down!

Salt helps preserve food, so this may be done either before or after you have eaten your breakfast to help preserve the saltiness of the food.

We recommend sprinkling about a quarter cup of salt on each chair boot and then adding more as necessary. This will take about an hour to achieve so that there is enough salt left over!

After this has been done, let them dry for a day before using any heat source to warm them up again.

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