How Many Shocking Tranq Darts for a Giga

A Giga is one of the largest dinosaurs and can be very difficult to take down. It is important to have a plan and know how many tranq darts you will need before you attempt to subdue one of these massive creatures. In this article, we will discuss how many shocking tranq darts it takes to take down a Giga.

If you’re looking to take down a Giga, you’ll need to hit it with at least 3-4 shocking tranq darts. This will stun the Giga and allow you to get in some good hits. Be sure to have a strong weapon ready, as a Giga can dish out a lot of damage if you’re not prepared.

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How Many Shocking Tranq Darts Does It Take to Knock Out a Giga

The number of shocking tranq darts needed to knock out a giga varies depending on the size and weight of the animal. A large giga could require upwards of 20 darts, while a smaller one might only need 10. The level of sedation achieved also depends on how much muscle tissue the animal has – the more muscle, the harder it is to achieve complete immobilization.

How Many Shocking Tranq Darts for a Giga



Gigas are massive, aggressive dinosaurs that can be found on the Ark. They are one of the most dangerous creatures on the island and can kill even the most experienced players. When taming a giga, it is important to have a lot of tranq darts on hand, as they will be needed to subdue the beast.

In general, it takes around 50-60 tranq darts to knock out a giga, though this number can vary depending on the size of the creature and its level of aggression.

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