How Old is Toriel

Toriel is the first boss in the Undertale video game. She is a gentle, motherly creature who helps the player character, Frisk, escape from the Underground. Toriel is also known for her baking skills, and she runs a bakery in her home.

While her exact age is not stated in the game, it can be inferred that she is quite old based on her appearance and behavior.

How old I think Undertale characters are (Read description)

In the world of Undertale, Toriel is an ancient and wise creature. She has lived for centuries, and her wisdom is respected by all who know her. Her true age is unknown, but she is estimated to be at least several hundred years old.

Even though she is very old, she still has a youthful appearance. She is a kind and caring individual, always looking out for others. Her wisdom and experience have made her a valuable asset to the community of Undertale.

How Old is Toriel


-How Old is Toriel

Toriel is the adoptive mother of the main character in the indie game Undertale. While her exact age is not given, it is implied that she is quite old, as she mentions having been alive for “several centuries” at one point. Her appearance also seems to support this, as she has wrinkles on her face and gray hair.

Despite her age, Toriel is still a very kind and loving person, which is why she takes care of the main character after they fall into the Underground.


Toriel is a character from the popular video game Undertale. She is a loving mother figure to the game’s protagonist, and is one of the most well-liked characters in the game. Many players have wondered how old Toriel is, and while there is no definite answer, we can make some educated guesses based on her appearance and behavior.

Based on these factors, it is safe to say that Toriel is probably somewhere around 50 years old. However, she could also be significantly older than that; after all, age is just a number!

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