How TikTok is propelling a new generation of Aussie musicians into stardom

TikTok states that “neither follower count, nor whether the account has had previous high-performing videos, are direct factors” in figuring out the movies that seem in a consumer’s For You feed. That has allowed accounts with out established followings to have their movies shortly go viral.


What’s the key to success on TikTok?

While content material creators can lean into traits, together with fashionable sounds, dances and hashtags, Jaycee says that following what labored for different individuals was a mistake. “I tried to do what was trending on TikTok like dance videos, model videos, but that didn’t work because I’m not much of a dancer,” he says. “Then I came back in 2020 and started doing remixes of popular audio.”

Artists can construct their following not solely by individuals interacting with their movies and profiles straight, but in addition by viewers taking their “sounds” – the music, sound or voice-over in a content material creator’s video – and utilizing it in a brand new video. Jaycee’s hottest track, F— With Me, has been used as a sound by greater than 10,000 individuals on TikTok.

But as a result of the app is all the time altering, Jaycee says that what works now won’t work subsequent month. “The stuff that got me viral first off won’t work now,” he says. “You’ve got to always be scrolling and be a part of the TikTok community. It’s like a full-time job.”

Jaycee pins his TikTok success on three issues: inventive skill, not being connected to the result of movies and the truth that he hasn’t stopped posting on the platform. “I post [videos] about twice a day on average,” he says.

Punching above our weight: Australian acts topping TikTok globally

Jaycee isn’t the one young Australian TikToker to have constructed a cult following on the app. Sydney-based artist Mia Rodriguez, who has signed with City Pop Records, has greater than 2 million followers on TikTok. Peach PRC, who has signed with Island Records Australia and Republic Records, has greater than 1.9 million followers.

Globally, the highest track on TikTok final 12 months was from a neighborhood artist. Masked Wolf’s Astronaut within the Ocean, which quietly flew beneath the radar when it was launched in 2019, reached quantity six on the US Billboard chart two years later. The track has since been utilized in greater than 18 million movies on TikTok.

TikTok altering the way in which artists and massive labels function

TikTok’s music director for Australia and New Zealand, Ollie Wards, says the platform is an more and more necessary discovery instrument. “The A&R departments of labels and management companies are definitely finding people on TikTok, probably more these days than seeing them at shows or actually going out to physical events,” he says. “It’s like a cheat sheet for the music industry.”

A&R – artists and repertoire – is the division of a report label or music publishing firm chargeable for expertise scouting and inventive improvement of recording artists and songwriters.

EMI’s A&R inventive and scout Helena Ho says TikTok has change into part of her on a regular basis scouting course of. “TikTok has emerged as an additional resource that helps us scout talent, in the last two years especially,” she says.

“The A and R departments of labels and management companies are definitely finding people on TikTok … more than at shows or physical events.”

Ollie Wards, TikTok music director for Australia and New Zealand

The platform permits EMI to have a greater thought of an artist’s work and the way they join with followers, with Ho saying, “It’s an exciting way for us to connect with new artists on a personal level”.

Wards says TikTok has additionally helped artists to function independently. “There used to be a middle part of the process where you’d need labels and others to be able to get you in front of fans,” he says. “[TikTok] is giving people the opportunity to actually have a music career without necessarily going through that whole thing of getting discovered and getting signed by a major label.”

What makes TikTok completely different to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram?

Compared to different social media majors, TikTok is full of candid movies and insights into artists’ lives by movies taken in bedrooms, vehicles and backyards with a front-facing digital camera. Wards says artists’ authenticity on the platform is a key differentiator.


“Artists including Peach PRC are not just sharing her music and sharing the stories on her songs,” he says. “She’s sharing issues with mental health and her personal life and people are really identifying with that.”

Wards says personalised feeds of content material means artists throughout genres can appeal to an viewers. “All of these artists do something quite different,” he says. “Yet they’re finding a big audience, and I think that shows that [the app] is personalised. Content will find its way to the audience who wants it.”

So how can an aspiring artist achieve success on TikTok? Jaycee’s recommendation is to “make a start and don’t get attached to the end result”. As for his personal profession? He says he desires to “build this thing to the stars. I want to be one of the biggest stars in the world”.

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