How to Backstab Dark Souls

Few things are as satisfying in Dark Souls than a well-executed backstab. There’s something about watching your foe crumble to the ground that just feels good. Plus, it’s an incredibly effective way to take down even the most powerful enemies.

If you’re looking to add a little more excitement (and effectiveness) to your game, read on for tips on how to backstab in Dark Souls.

  • The most important thing when backstabbing in Dark Souls is to have patience
  • Wait for the enemy to lower their guard, or be distracted by another player or NPC
  • When they are vulnerable, approach them from behind and press the attack button to perform a backstab
  • If successful, the player will deal significant damage to the enemy
  • However, if the player is unsuccessful, they will be open to a counterattack

Dark Souls Remastered: Easy Back-Stab Tutorial

What’S the Easiest Way to Backstab in Dark Souls

There are a few ways to backstab in Dark Souls, but the easiest way is to wait until an enemy is attacking, and then dodge to the side and hit them with a strong attack. This will usually result in a one-hit kill. Another way to backstab is to sneak up behind an enemy and use the R1 button to perform a backstab.

How to Backstab Dark Souls



Assuming you want a summary of the blog post “How to Backstab in Dark Souls”: The first step is to get behind the enemy. This can be done by using a shield to block their view, or simply running around them until you are behind them.

Once you are behind them, press the attack button to lunge forward and stick your blade into their back. Backstabbing does massive damage in Dark Souls, often killing enemies in one hit. It is an essential tactic for taking down tough opponents quickly.

Be warned though, enemies will often try to backstab you as well if they catch you off guard, so always be on your guard!

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