How to Beat Muffet in Undertale

Muffet is a boss in the hit indie game, Undertale. She’s a spider who runs a bakery, and is known for being quite difficult to beat. However, with the right strategy, you can take her down without too much trouble.

Here’s how to beat Muffet in Undertale. The first thing you need to do is lower her HP to half. This can be done by attacking her directly, or using items that do damage over time (like the Spider Web).

Once she’s at half HP, she’ll start using her deadly web attack more often. To avoid this attack, keep moving and don’t stay in one spot for too long. Her other main attack is shooting spiders at you.

These spiders can poison you, so be sure to dodge them. The best way to do this is by staying close to her and attacking when she stops moving to shoot spiders. If you keep up this strategy, you should be able to take Muffet down without too much trouble!

Undertale how to defeat muffet

  • First, you need to get to Muffet’s Lair
  • To do this, go through the Ruins and into Hotland
  • In Hotland, take the elevator down to the Core
  • Once you’re in the Core, go left until you reach a ladder going up
  • Climb this ladder and you’ll be in Muffet’s Lair
  • Now that you’re in Muffet’s Lair, talk to her spider friends until they get angry and attack you
  • Defeat all of the spiders and then talk to Muffet again
  • She’ll be so surprised that you defeated her spiders that she’ll let her guard down for a moment and this is when you need to strike! 5
  • Attack Muffet while she’s vulnerable and keep attacking her until she’s defeated!
How to Beat Muffet in Undertale


-What is the Best Way to Beat Muffet in Undertale

Muffet is a boss in the indie game Undertale. She is a spider who lives in the Ruins, and first appears as an optional miniboss battle. The best way to beat Muffet is to have a high level ofHP and ATTACK.

You should also try to use items that will heal you or raise your stats. When she uses her web attack, you should try to dodge it. Her other attacks are not too difficult to avoid.

Just keep attacking and healing when necessary and you should be able to defeat her eventually.


Muffet is a boss monster in the video game Undertale. She is a spider who lives in the ruins and attacks anything that comes near her. However, she can be defeated if the player knows what to do.

The first thing to do is to avoid her attacks. Muffet will shoot webbing at the player, which can be dodged by moving around. She will also drop down from the ceiling, but this can be avoided by standing in the middle of the room.

Once she has been hit enough times, she will start using her most powerful attack, which is a giant web that covers the entire room. The only way to avoid this is to move very fast and keep out of her line of sight. Once Muffet has been weakened, the player can then start attacking her directly.

The best way to do this is with long-range weapons such as spears or arrows. It’s also important to stay away from her mouth, as she can bite and poison the player if they get too close. After enough damage has been dealt, Muffet will be defeated and the player will be able to progress through the game.

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