How to Breed Magnemite

Magnemite is a small, spherical Pokémon that consists mostly of iron and magnesium. It has a pair of triangular eyes and three conical teeth on its upper jaw. Its body is surrounded by a black aura, which it uses to levitate.

A Magnemite will attach itself to power lines to feed off electricity, and if two come into contact with each other, they will link together with magnets and form pairs.

The Magneton Breed Mission (PokeMMO Casual Content)

  • Get a male and female Magnemite
  • Place them in the same room or enclosure
  • The female will lay eggs, which the male will then fertilize
  • The eggs will hatch after a few days, and the young Magnemites will be able to breed when they reach adulthood

What Can Magnemite Breed With

In the world of Pokemon, there are many different creatures that can be bred with one another in order to create new and exciting species. One such creature is Magnemite, which can actually breed with several different types of pokemon in order to produce offspring. For example, some of the pokemon that Magnemite can breed with include Pikachu, Pachirisu, and even Ditto!

So, what kind of offspring can you expect if you choose to breed a Magnemite with one of these other pokemon? Well, it all depends on which species you use as the father or mother in the breeding process. If Magnemite is used as the father pokemon, then the resulting offspring will be a pure-electric type.

However, if another species is used as the father pokemon (such as Pikachu), then the resulting offspring will be a mixed-type that inherits both electric and Normal type moves from its parents. No matter which route you go when breeding Magnemite, you’re sure to end up with a unique and powerful little creature!

Magnemite Serebii

net Magnemite is an Electric-type Pokémon. It evolves into Magneton starting at level 30, which evolves into Magnezone when exposed to a Thunder Stone.

Magnemite is a small, round Pokémon that consists mostly of a black, spherical body with a silver bottom. It has two triangular eyes and no other facial features. Three red orbs adorn its body: one on its front and two on its back.

Attached to these are thin wires that connect to Magnemite’s silver underside. Its magnetic field allows it to levitate slightly off the ground instead of having feet or any other method of locomotion. Despite being inorganic, Magnemite appears to be able to reproduce asexually via binary fission; however, it is unknown if this also applies to Magnezone and Magneton, as they have never been seen doing so.

It feeds mainly on electricity and can absorb strong electromagnetic waves with little effort. When it encounters weaker electrical currents, it will suck the energy out of them for sustenance.

Magnezone Breeding

Magnezone is a Steel/Electric-type Pokémon. It was introduced in Generation IV. Magnezone can be bred with Magneton or Nosepass, which are both of the same type.

When breeding Magnezone, it is best to have a female Magneton or Nosepass and a male Magnezone, as the female will produce more eggs. The ideal moveset for Magnezone would be Thunder Wave/Flash Cannon/Discharge/Mirror Coat. Thunder Wave is a move that can paralyze the opponent, making them easier to take down.

Flash Cannon is a strong Steel-type move that has a chance to lower the opponent’s Special Defense stat. Discharge is an Electric-type move that can cause paralysis in addition to dealing damage. Mirror Coat reflects back any special attacks done by the opponent, making it useful against Pokémon that rely on those moves such as Alakazam and Espeon.

What Can Breed With Honedge

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It is one of the few Pokémon that can breed with Ditto. Honedge’s base stats are:

HP: 45 Attack: 80 Defense: 100

Special Attack: 35 Special Defense: 70

Breeding Magnemite Pokemmo

Magemite is a dual-type Electric/Steel Pokémon. It evolves into Magneton starting at level 30, which evolves into Magnezone when exposed to a Thunder Stone. As seen in the anime, Magnemite are attracted to electricity.

In the games, however, they are found near Power Plants. Because of their love for electricity, they are sometimes used as an energy source for machines. They give off very little light, and as such can be difficult to find in the dark.

Magnemite is a small, round Pokémon with a gray metallic body and eight red eyes. Its body is composed of two hemispheres that are connected by a thin black band around its waist. On top of its head is a large magnet with three prongs on either side.

Additionally, it has two smaller magnets on either side of its body near the bottom. These additional magnets allow it to rotate in place and levitate slightly off the ground even if there is no metal surface nearby for it to cling to.

Who Can Onix Breed With

Onix is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Steelix when traded holding a Metal Coat. Onix can breed with any Pokémon that shares either of its Egg Groups, which are Mineral and Monster.

This makes its potential breeding partners quite diverse! Some notable potential breeding partners for Onix include Geodude (another Rock-type Pokémon), Graveler, Golem, Rhyhorn, and Houndour (all Ground-types), as well as Larvitar and Pupitar (both Rock/Ground-types). These are just a few examples – there are many other possible combinations!

Generally speaking, Onix will have an easier time breeding with Pokémon that share one or both of its Egg Groups. However, keep in mind that each individual Pokémon has different IVs (Individual Values) and natures, so even two seemingly identical Pokémon may produce different results when bred together. As always, experimentation is key to finding the perfect match!

Can Genderless Pokémon Breed

As of right now, the Pokémon franchise does not have any genderless Pokémon that can breed. The only Pokémon that can currently breed are those with a specific gender. This was likely done to keep the game simple for young children who are the target audience.

However, as the franchise has evolved, some fans have been clamoring for genderless Pokémon that can breed. It would add an extra layer of strategy and depth to the games and make them more enjoyable for older players. The argument for genderless Pokémon being able to breed is a strong one.

If two trainer’s had two different Shedinja, it would be impossible for them to trade and get a perfect Nincada unless both trainers had opposite genders of the same species (i.e., one male and one female). Allowing genderless Pokémon to breed would fix this issue and add more variety to trades. In addition, it would add another level of strategy to battle teams.

For example, if you knew your opponent’s team consisted mainly of physical attackers, you could bring in a couple of Mr. Mimes or Jynx to take them down easily thanks to their high Special Defense stat. However, there are also arguments against making all Pokémon genderless breeding capable creatures . One reason is that it might make the games too easy .

If every single creature could breed , then players wouldn’t have any trouble filling up their Pokédexes . Another concern is that adding this feature might complicate things too much for younger players . The simplicity of having only certain creatures being able reproduce is what makes the games accessible for kids .

Allowing allPokémon toproduce eggs couldoverwhelm them . At the end of the day , it’s up to Game Freak whether or not they wantto implement this change into future games .

What Pokémon Can Breed With Glalie

When it comes to Pokémon, there are always questions about which ones can breed with each other. In the case of Glalie, there are a few Pokémon that can successfully breed with this Ice-type Pokémon. They include: Snorunt, Froslass, Jynx, Swinub, and Piloswine.

With the exception of Jynx, all of these Pokémon are also Ice-types. This means that they share some common ground with Glalie when it comes to their typing. One thing to keep in mind is that not all Ice-type Pokémon can breed with Glalie.

For example, Articuno and Lapras are both incapable of breeding with Glalie. The reason for this is because they are members of different Egg Groups. Articuno belongs to the Undiscovered Egg Group while Lapras belongs to the Monster Egg Group.

As a result, they cannot produce Eggs together with Glalie. Another important thing to note is that two Pokémon must be compatible in order to breed together. This compatibility is determined by their respective genders as well as their Egg Groups.

For example, a male Snorunt cannot breed with a female Froslass because they belong to different Egg Groups (Frost Breath and Snow Warning Snorunt belong to the Fairy Egg Group while Froslass belongs to the Mineral Egg Group). However, a male Snorunt can breed with a female Jynx because they both belong to the Human-Like Egg Group. Finally, it should be mentioned that certain conditions must be met in order for breeding to occur successfully.

Firstly, both Pokémon must have full Hearts in order for breeding to commence. Secondly, one of the two Pokémon must be holding an Everstone while being bred with another Pokémon; if neitherPokémon is holding an Everstone then either parent has a chance of passing down its Natureto its offspring (provided that they have different Natures). And lastly, eggs will only hatch if they are incubated properly; this means putting them into anIncubator and waiting until they hatch (which takes approximately five hours).

Assuming all of these conditions are met then congratulations! You have now bred two compatiblePokémon together and produced an egg!

How to Breed Magnemite


How Does Magnemite Reproduce?

Magnemite is a genderless Pokémon, meaning that it does not have any reproductive organs and cannot produce offspring. Instead, Magnemite creates new Pokémon by combining its magnetic energy with metal objects. This process is known as “electromagnetic induction.”

When two Magnemite come into contact with each other, they will often exchange electricity and data before fusing together.

Can You Breed Genderless Pokemon?

No, you cannot breed genderless Pokémon.

Can You Breed Ditto With Magnemite?

Ditto is a unique Pokémon in that it can breed with any Pokémon, regardless of gender. This makes Ditto an invaluable tool for breeding rare or hard-to-find Pokémon. However, there is one exception to this rule: Ditto cannot breed with another Ditto.

So, can you breed Ditto with Magnemite? No, you cannot. While Ditto can technically breed with any Pokémon, it will not produce eggs if both parents are the same species.

This means that two Dittos cannot breed together, nor can a Ditto and a Magnemite breed together.

What Can Magneton Breed With?

In the world of Pok?mon, there are a variety of different types of creatures that can be found. One type of Pok?

mon is known as Magneton, which is classified as an Electric/Steel-type Pok?mon. While it may not look like it at first glance, Magneton is actually able to breed with other Pok?

mon. So, what can Magneton breed with? In terms of breeding potential, Magneton can actually breed with quite a few different types of Pok?

mon. For example, some good options for breeding partners include: Bronzor, Magnemite, Metang, and Skarmory. All of these Pok?

mon share either the Electric or Steel type with Magneton, making them compatible for breeding purposes. When bred together, Magneton and its partner will produce an Egg that will hatch into a Magnezone. This process can take some time though, so be patient!

If you’re looking for a specific Magnemite or Magearna to add to your team, then check out our list of the best places to find them!


In the world of Pokemon, there are countless different types of creatures to collect and train. One fan-favorite is the steel-type Magnemite. These little critters are known for their unique magnetic abilities, and can be found in a variety of locations across the games’ many regions.

If you’re looking to add one (or more) of these interesting pokemon to your team, here’s everything you need to know about breeding them. To start, it’s important to note that Magnemite can only be bred if you have two of them in your party – they will not breed with any other type of pokemon. Additionally, they must be opposite genders in order to produce eggs; two male or two female Magnemite will not work.

With that out of the way, let’s get into how to actually breed them. The first thing you’ll need is an item called a “Magnet”, which can be purchased at most Pokemarts for a relatively low price. Once you have this item, make sure one of your Magnemite is holding it and then fly or walk over to a pokemon daycare center.

The daycare worker will take your pokemon and place them in their appropriate pen (one for each gender), and after some time has passed you’ll receive an egg from them containing your new baby Magnemite. Hatching the egg works just like any other – simply keep it in your party and walk around until it hatches into a level 1 pokemon. From there, it’s all up to training and evolution as usual!

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