How to Detonate Rc Bandito

In GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist, there is a new weapon called the RC Bandito. This vehicle can be used to detonate explosives and destroy vehicles. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage.

When driving the RC Bandito, you will see a marker on the map that indicates where you need to go. Drive to that location and press the X/Square button to deploy the explosive charges. You can then remote control the Bandito by using the left stick to steer and the right stick to accelerate or brake.

Pressing the A/X button will make the Bandito jump, which can be useful for getting over obstacles. To detonate the explosives, just press the B/O button.

How To Effectively Use The RC Bandito In GTA Online

  • Equip the RC Bandito in your vehicle’s quick use slot
  • Drive the RC Bandito to your desired location
  • Press and hold the designated button to deploy the RC Bandito
  • Use the left stick on your controller to control the movements of the RC Bandito, and guide it towards enemies or objectives
  • Upon nearing an enemy or objective, press the right trigger on your controller to detonate the explosives on the RC Bandito, causing damage in a small radius around it
How to Detonate Rc Bandito


Q: How Do I Detonate the Rc Bandito

In order to detonate the RC Bandito, you must first approach it and press the button that is located on the top of the vehicle. Once you have done this, the vehicle will start to emit a loud beeping noise. This beeping noise will continue until you are close enough to the vehicle for it to explode.


In this blog post, the author outlines how to detonate the RC Bandito remote control car. First, the player must drive the RC Bandito to an area that is at least 50 meters away from any buildings or people. Next, the player must get out of the car and press and hold the “detonate” button on the remote control.

The car will then explode and release a cloud of smoke.

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