How to Fast Travel in Tomb Raider

There are many ways to fast travel in the game Tomb Raider. The first way is by using the base camps. There are Base Camps located throughout the game world and they allow you to fast travel to any other Base Camp that you have discovered.

To use a Base Camp, simply approach it and press the “Use” button. You will then be given a list of all of the other Base Camps that you can fast travel to. The second way to fast travel is by using Survival Instincts.

If you have unlocked the Survival Instincts ability, you can use it to highlight objects and paths that you can interact with. One of the things that will be highlighted in green is a Fast Travel Point. Fast Travel Points are locations that you can instantly travel to without having to use a Base Camp.

To use a Fast Travel Point, simply activate your Survival Instincts and then press the “Use” button when the Fast Travel Point is highlighted.

Tomb raider: how to fast travel – (Tomb raider fast travel)

  • To fast travel in “Tomb Raider”, first locate a Fast Travel Camp on the map
  • Once you’ve found a Fast Travel Camp, approach it and press the “Use” key/button to activate it
  • After activating the Fast Travel Camp, select your destination from the list of available locations
  • Finally, confirm your selection and you will be automatically transported to that location
How to Fast Travel in Tomb Raider


-How Do I Fast Travel in Tomb Raider

Assuming you are playing the 2013 version of Tomb Raider, below are the steps to fast travel: 1. Open your map by pressing Tab on PC or Select on PS3/Xbox 360. 2. Fast travel is only available between base camps that have been discovered and activated – these will be marked with a blue flag icon on the map.

3. To fast travel, simply click on the icon for the desired base camp. Please note that you can only fast travel when Lara is not in combat and not near any enemies.


In the 2013 video game Tomb Raider, players can use a system of fast travel to quickly move between locations on the island. To do this, they must first find a base camp, which are scattered throughout the game world. Once at a base camp, players can select any unlocked location on the map and choose to fast travel there.

Fast travel is not available from all locations in the game, but it can be a useful tool for quickly traversing the island.

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