How to Get Fire Kills in Vanguard

It can be difficult to get fire kills in Vanguard, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. First, make sure you’re using a fire-based weapon. Second, try to find areas where there are multiple enemies close together.

Third, focus on attacking enemyWeak points. And finally, don’t forget to use your abilities!

  • Get a gun with the Fire element
  • Equip the gun and go into Vanguard mode
  • Kill enemies with the gun to rack up Fire Kills

How to get Easy Fire Kills in Vanguard

Q: How Do I Get Fire Kills in Vanguard

There are a few ways to get fire kills in Vanguard. The first way is to use your weapons’ incendiary rounds. Incendiary rounds are special types of ammunition that can set enemies on fire.

All you have to do is hit an enemy with one of these rounds and they will start burning. The second way to get fire kills is to use explosives. Grenades, mines, and rockets all deal fire damage and can kill enemies outright if they’re close enough to the explosion.

Finally, you can also set traps using the game’s environment objects. For example, you can shoot a gasoline barrel or propane tank to make it explode, killing any nearby enemies.

How to Get Fire Kills in Vanguard



In the game Vanguard, one of the ways to get fire kills is to use the fire grenade. The fire grenade can be found in various locations around the map. When you use the fire grenade, it will create a large area of fire that will damage and kill any players that are caught in it.

You can also use other explosives to create fires, such as C4 or rockets. These will also do damage to players caught in the blast radius, but they are not as effective as the fire grenade.

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