How to Get Temmie Armor

In the world of video games, Temmie Armor is one of the most sought after items. This is because it provides the player with a significant boost in both defense and offense. While there are many ways to obtain this armor, the following guide will outline some of the easiest methods.

Undertale: How to Get Temmie Armor (Neutral/Pacifist only)

  • The Temmie Armor is a piece of armor you can get in the game Undertale
  • Here’s how to get it: 1
  • Go to the Ruins
  • Go to the room with the save point and Toriel in it
  • Go through the door to the left of Toriel
  • In the next room, go through the door at the top of the stairs
  • In this new room, go through the door at the top right corner of the room
  • You should now be in a long hallway with a bunch of doors along it
  • Enter into the third door from the left side of hall (counting from your perspective as you enter the hallway)
How to Get Temmie Armor


-How Do I Get Temmie Armor

To get Temmie Armor, you must first defeat the Temmie Village boss. After defeating the Temmie Village boss, go to the left side of the village and enter the shop. In the shop, there will be an NPC called “TEM Shopkeeper”.

Talk to this NPC and purchase the Temmie Armor for 500G.


In the post, the author explains how to get Temmie Armor in the game Undertale. Temmie Armor is a powerful armor that can be found in Waterfall. The author provides step-by-step instructions on how to find and obtain the armor.

They also explain how Temmie Armor can be used to increase your stats and protect you from damage.

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