How to Leave Magicant

In the role-playing game EarthBound, there is a place called Magicant. It’s a strange and surreal place where nothing is quite as it seems. If you want to leave Magicant and return to the real world, there are a few things you need to do.

Here’s how: First, find Ness’ house in Magicant. This can be a little tricky, as the landscape is always changing.

Once you find it, go inside and talk to Ness’ mom. She’ll give you an important item that you’ll need to leave Magicant. Next, find your way to the top of Mt. Itoi.

This is also known as the “Tower of Heaven.” Climb to the very top and use the item Ness’ mom gave you. This will open up a path back to reality.

Finally, say goodbye to all your friends in Magicant. This includes both human and non-human characters. Once you’ve said your goodbyes, walk through the newly opened path and you’ll be back in the real world!

  • Leave your happy place: in order to leave Magicant, you first need to be ready to say goodbye to your happy place
  • This can be a difficult and emotional process, but it is necessary in order to move on
  • Be prepared for the outside world: once you have left Magicant, you will be thrust into the outside world which can be harsh and daunting
  • Be sure to mentally prepare yourself for this change before leaving Magicant
  • Say goodbye to your friends: another difficult step in leaving Magicant is saying goodbye to all of your friends who live there
  • This can be heartbreaking, but it is a necessary part of moving on
  • Start anew: finally, once you have taken all the necessary steps in leaving Magicant, you can start anew elsewhere with fresh eyes and a new perspective

MotherEarthBound Zero – Part 6 – Leaving Magicant, Meeting Lloyd

Where Do I Go After Magicant?

In the game, Magicant is a location that can be reached after defeating Gygas. It is located on an island in the middle of a stormy sea. After reaching Magicant, the player must enter a house and speak to Ness’ mother.

She will tell Ness about his past and how he came to be in Onett.

How Do I Get to the Magicant in Earthbound?

In EarthBound, Magicant is a special place that Ness can visit. It appears after Ness defeats Master Barf in Onett. To get there, simply walk to the left of Onett until you reach the pink cloud.

Once inside Magicant, Ness will be asked by a man named Apple Kid if he wants to hear a story. Afterward, Apple Kid will give Ness the Sound Stone Melody needed to enter Giygas’s Lair. Once inside Magicant, Ness will find himself in a strange and dreamlike world.

This is where all of his memories are stored; both happy and sad. As he travels through Magicant, Ness will meet many different people and monsters. Some of these include:

-The Flying Man: He teaches Ness PSI Flash Alpha and gives him advice on how to defeat Giygas. -Ness’s Mother: She helps heal any wounds that Ness has incurred during his journey. -Franklin: A talking dog who helps Ness remember his happy memories with Paula.

-Buzz Buzz: A time traveling bee who warns Ness about the dangers of Giygas.

Is There an Atm in Magicant Earthbound?

In EarthBound, Magicant is a location that only Ness can enter. It is based on his subconscious, and as such, represents his innermost thoughts and feelings. In Magicant, all of the enemies are ones that Ness has faced before in his dreams.

Because it is based on Ness’s mind, there is no ATM in Magicant.

What Does Magicant Mean?

In the world of video games, Magicant is a term used to describe a place that exists only in the mind of the game’s protagonist. This can be contrasted with the real world, which exists outside of the game. The term was first coined by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who used it in reference to the 1980 Nintendo game Mother (known as EarthBound Zero in North America).

In this game, Magicant appears when the protagonist, Ninten, falls asleep. It is a black and white dream world where Ninten confronts his fears and anxieties. The idea of Magicant has been reused in several subsequent games designed by Miyamoto, including The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Super Smash Bros.

Brawl. In these games, Magicant represents a state of mind where characters are able to confront their innermost thoughts and feelings. While the concept of Magicant is unique to video games, it has parallels in other forms of media.

For example, author J.K. Rowling has said that she based the wizarding school Hogwarts on her own experiences as an introverted child who felt like she existed in her own little world inside her head. In conclusion, Magicant is a term used to describe a place that exists only in the mind of the game’s protagonist. It is often used as a metaphor for confronting one’s innermost thoughts and feelings.

How to Leave Magicant


Earthbound Magicant Walkthrough

Welcome to my walkthrough for the Earthbound magicant! This area can be a little confusing and frustrating, but hopefully this guide will help make things a little clearer. I’ll be covering all of the important stuff, like how to get through each section and what items you’ll need.

Let’s get started! The first thing you need to do is enter the pink door on the left side of Magicant. This will take you to a room with a few enemies and some platforms that you need to jump across.

Kill the enemies and then jump up onto the platform on the right. From there, jump to the next platform and then again to reach the top level. Jump across the gap and exit through the door on your left.

In this next room, kill all of the enemies except for one. Leave that one alive and let it hit you until you have only 1 HP remaining. Now, use Ness’ PSI Magnet ability on it to absorb its HP and raise your own back up to full health!

Exit through the door at the top of this room. This next room contains a bunch of flying enemies called Skywraiths. These guys are tough, but if you focus on taking them out one at a time you should be okay.

Use Ness’ PSI Flash ability to blind them temporarily so they’re easier to hit, and watch out for their fire breath attack! Once they’re all down, exit throught he door in this room as well. You’re now in an outdoor area with some more Skywraiths patrolling around.

Take care of them like before, then drop down into hole in front of Ness’ house (it’s Okay – he lives here). In his basement, talk tot he man standing in front of Ness’ bedside table – he has something important for you! He’ll give Ness an item called “Your Sanctuary”, which will come in handy later on…

Magicant Mother 1 Atm

In the game EarthBound, Magicant is a location that only Ness can enter. It is based on his own mind, and contains happy memories of his childhood. However, it also contains dark aspects of his psyche, personified by hostile creatures known as “Shadows”.

Ness first visits Magicant when he is taken there by a pink cloud. He meets the “Mother” of Magicant, who tells him that all the residents here are part of Ness’s mind. She also says that if Ness can face his Shadows and overcome them, he will be able to leave Magicant and become even stronger.

The Mother also helps Ness to remember some forgotten parts of his past, which gives him the strength to confront his Shadows head-on. After doing so, Ness learns that he has the power to control PK (psychic) energy – something that comes in handy for the rest of his adventure!

Mother 1 Magicant

In the game Mother, Magicant is a special place that only Ness can enter. It is located within his own mind, and contains all of his happy memories. However, it also contains some of his sadness, which manifests itself as dark creatures called “Mr. Saturns.”

In order to save Magicant, and Ness’s mind, from the Mr. Saturns, Ness must confront them and vanquish them from his memory. When Ness first enters Magicant, it is a beautiful place full of happy memories. He meets up with some of his friends there, including Paula and Jeff.

However, he soon realizes that something is wrong – the Mr. Saturns are trying to take over Magicant and make it into a dark place full of sadness. In order to save Magicant (and himself), Ness must face off against the Mr. Saturns and defeat them. Luckily, Ness is not alone in this fight – he has the help of his friends (and even some friendly Mr. Saturns).

With their help, he is able to triumph over the darkness and restore Magicant to its former glory.


In “How to Leave Magicant,” the author covers a few key points on how best to complete this task. First, they recommend saving your game before attempting to leave. Second, they advise talking to all of the residents and gathering as much information as possible.

Finally, they suggest using a specific exit strategy that involves walking north out of town. With these steps in mind, leaving Magicant should be a breeze!

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