How to Use Display Case Skyrim

Skyrim’s display cases are a great way to show off your hard-earned trophies and collectibles. Here’s how to use them: To open a display case, simply activate it like any other object in the game.

You can then use the left and right trigger buttons on your controller to cycle through the different items you can place in the case. To select an item, press the A button. You can also change the position of an item in a display case by pressing the X button while it is selected.

This is handy for getting everything just perfect!

  • Find the display case you want to use in your home
  • Decide what items you want to put on display in the case
  • Clean the items if necessary and arrange them in the case how you want them displayed
  • Close the door to the display case when finished


What are the Basic Steps for Using a Display Case in Skyrim

There are a few basic steps to follow when using a display case in Skyrim. First, find the display case you want to use and activate it. This will bring up a menu with several different options.

Select the option to “Place Item” and then choose the item you want to display from your inventory. The item will be placed inside the display case and can be viewed by anyone whoActivates the case. You can also select the “Take Item” option from the menu to remove an item from the case if you no longer wish to display it.

How to Use Display Case Skyrim



In the world of Skyrim, there are many ways to show off your wealth and status. One way is to use a display case. Display cases can be found in a few different places, including some inns and general goods stores.

They come in two different sizes: small and large. You can also purchase them from certain merchants, such as Radiant Raiment in Solitude or Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun. Once you have obtained a display case, you will need to place it in your home.

To do this, open the console by pressing the ` key and typing “placeatme [display case ID].” The ID for the small display case is 0010F5C7 and the ID for the large display case is 0010F5C8. Once you have placed the display case, you can move it around like any other piece of furniture.

Now that your display case is set up, you can start filling it with items! To add an item to the display case, open the console and type “additem [item ID] 1.” For example, if you want to add a steel helmet to your collection, you would type “additem 00079BEC 1.”

You can also remove items from the display case using the “removeitem” command. If you want to get really fancy, you can even change the color of your display case using console commands. To do this, first find out what color code you want to use (a list of color codes can be found here).

Then open the console and type “setstage [display case ID] [color code].” For example, if you wanted to make your small display case red, you would type “setstage0010F5C7 12A.” Keep in mind that not all colors are available for all types of displays cases – experiment until you find one that looks good!

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