How Long Can a Tarantula Go Without Eating

A tarantula can go without eating for a long time, as they are slow-moving animals and don’t need much food to survive. They typically only eat once every few weeks or months, and can live for years without food.

For most tarantulas, food is not that big of a deal. They can go for long periods of time without eating and be just fine. In fact, some tarantulas will only eat once every few months!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you have a tarantula as a pet. First, younger tarantulas need to eat more often than older ones. Second, if your tarantula is molting (shedding its skin), it will need to eat more frequently as well.

Lastly, if your tarantula is pregnant or carrying eggs, she will also need to eat more often. All in all, as long as you keep an eye on your tarantula and make sure it’s getting the right amount of food, it should be just fine!

How Long Can a Tarantula Go Without Water

Tarantulas are one of the hardiest creatures on the planet and can go for long periods of time without water. In fact, they can survive for up to two years without water! This is because they are able to store water in their bodies and use it when needed.

However, if a tarantula does not have access to water, it will eventually die.

How Often Do You Need to Feed a Tarantula?

Assuming you are referring to a captive tarantula, they should be fed approximately every 5-7 days. However, some tarantulas can go much longer without food and still remain healthy. For example, adult males often do not eat for long periods of time when they are preparing to molt.

If your tarantula is not eating as frequently as it used to, don’t panic! Just make sure it has access to fresh water and plenty of hiding places.

What Happens If a Tarantula Doesn’T Eat?

If a tarantula does not eat, it will eventually die. Tarantulas need to eat to survive, just like any other animal. Without food, they will slowly starve to death.

A tarantula’s diet consists mainly of insects and other small prey items. They use their powerful fangs to inject venom into their prey, paralyzing them before devouring them whole. Tarantulas typically eat 1-2 times per week, but this can vary depending on the individual spider and its size/appetite.

If your tarantula is not eating, there could be several reasons why. It could be sick or stressed from being moved to a new environment. It could also be molting, which is a process where spiders shed their old exoskeleton and grow a new one.

This can take several weeks and during this time they often do not eat as they are focusing all their energy on the molting process. If your tarantula has been molting recently, don’t worry if it hasn’t been eating much – it will start eating again once it’s finished molting and back to its normal self.

How Long Can a Spider Go Without Eating?

Assuming you are asking about a spider in captivity: A healthy adult spider can usually survive for about one to two months without food. However, spiders may start to eat less as they get older.

If a spider is molting (shedding its exoskeleton), it will not eat at all until the process is complete. Sick or injured spiders may also refuse food.

How Long Will a Tarantula Not Eat before Molting?

A tarantula will not eat for a few weeks before molting. The reason for this is that the tarantula needs to fast in order to have enough energy to molt. Once the tarantula molts, it will be hungry and will need to eat.


A Tarantula can go without eating for a long time, sometimes up to two years. They are able to do this because they are such slow-moving animals and don’t require a lot of energy to live.






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