How Many Calories are in One Gallon of Car Fuel

There are no calories in one gallon of car fuel.

Most people don’t think about how many calories are in their car’s fuel, but it’s actually a lot! One gallon of gasoline contains over 31,000 calories. That’s enough to keep a person going for over three days!

Of course, most of us don’t burn off all those calories while driving. But it’s still a good reminder that our cars run on food – and lots of it!

How Many Miles Would You Go on One Calorie?

Assuming you are asking how far one could walk on one calorie, the answer would depend on a few factors. First, how much does the person weigh? Second, what is the person’s walking speed?

And finally, what surface is the person walking on? Assuming a 160-pound person who walks at 3 miles per hour on a level surface: One calorie will allow that person to walk for approximately 33 minutes before running out of energy.

In terms of distance, that equates to about 1 mile.

Can You Absorb Calories from Gasoline?

No, you cannot absorb calories from gasoline. Gasoline is made up of hydrocarbons, which are molecules that contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms. These molecules cannot be broken down by the human body and therefore cannot be used for energy.

How Many Calories are in a Gallon of Jet Fuel?

There are approximately 120,000 calories in a gallon of jet fuel. The vast majority of this energy is used to power the engines, with a small amount going to other systems like hydraulic pumps and electrical generators. Jet fuel is a highly refined petroleum product and its specific energy content can vary depending on the refinery process and crude oil source.

But generally speaking, jet fuel contains about 47 MJ/kg (12,500 BTU/lb) of energy which is equivalent to around 120,000 calories per gallon.

How Many Calories in a Gallon of Motor Oil?

A gallon of motor oil weighs approximately 7.6 pounds, and contains around 1,400 calories. So how many calories are in a gallon of motor oil? It all depends on the weight of the oil.

How Many Calories are in Race Fuel?

Sports drinks are designed to help athletes replace the electrolytes lost through sweat, but they also contain carbohydrates and calories. The three main types of sports drinks are water, isotonic and hypertonic. Water is the simplest type of sports drink and contains no calories.

Isotonic drinks, such as Gatorade, Powerade and Lucozade Sport, contain carbohydrates and electrolytes in a ratio similar to that found in human blood. This makes them easy for the body to absorb during exercise. Hypertonic drinks, such as High5 Energy Source, contain more carbohydrates than isotonic drinks and are designed to be consumed before or during exercise.

The average 12-ounce can of soda contains about 150 calories, almost all from sugar. Sports drinks typically have fewer calories than soda—about 50 per 8 ounces—but their sugar content can vary widely. For example, G2 has only 5 grams of sugar per 8 ounces while POWERADE Zero Sugar has none.

Most people don’t need sports drinks when exercising for less than an hour at a moderate intensity because they get plenty of fluids and energy from what they eat and drink throughout the day. In fact, consuming too many calories from any source can lead to weight gain—something most athletes want to avoid.


Did you know that a gallon of car fuel is equal to 31,400 calories? That’s a lot of energy! In fact, it’s enough to power a small car for over two hours or an SUV for one hour.

And if you were to eat those calories, it would be the equivalent of eating 880 hamburgers!






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