How Much Does a Fluffer Makes

A fluffer is someone who keeps a pornographic film star’s penis erect on the set. They are usually women, and they make sure the star is ready for his close-up. Fluffers typically make around $200-$300 per day.

A fluffer is someone who helps keep a porn star aroused on set. They might do this by talking to them, touching them, or performing sexual acts. How much does a fluffer make?

It depends on the production company and the hours worked. For example, someone working as a fluffer on a small production might make $50 an hour, while someone working on a big budget production could make $500 an hour.

How Much Does a Fluffer Makes


How Much Does a Ball Fluffer Make?

There is no set salary for ball fluffers, as pay varies depending on the employer and location. In general, ball fluffers can expect to earn minimum wage or slightly above. However, some employers may offer higher wages for those with experience or who perform their duties exceptionally well.

What is a Fluffer Salary Uk?

In the adult film industry, a fluffer is someone whose job is to keep male performers erect on set. This may involve physical stimulation, such as hand jobs or blowjobs, or simply talking dirty to them. Fluffers are typically female, but there are some male fluffers out there too.

The average salary for a fluffer in the UK is £50 per hour. However, salaries can vary depending on experience and the size of the production company. Some fluffers may also receive tips from grateful performers.

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A fluffer is someone who keeps a porn actor’s penis erect on set. They typically earn $200-$300 per day.






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