How Much Have I Spent on Apex

I have spent $0 on Apex.

If you’re an Apex Legends fan, then you’ve probably wondered how much money you’ve spent on the game. Well, wonder no more! Here’s a breakdown of exactly how much cash you’ve shelled out for Apex, based on your in-game purchases.

Apex Coins are the premium currency in Apex Legends, and they can be used to purchase cosmetic items like character skins, weapon skins, and banner frames. 1,000 Apex Coins cost $9.99 USD, so if you’ve bought any bundles that include Apex Coins, that’s how much you’ve spent on the game. If you haven’t purchased any bundles and only spend money on individual items, here’s a rough estimate of how much you’ve spent:

– Character Skins: $7 each – Weapon Skins: $5 each – Banner Frames: $2 each

So if you have 3 character skins and 2 weapon skins, plus a couple of banner frames, then you’ve probably spent around $40 on Apex Legends. That might not seem like a lot, but it adds up over time! And keep in mind that this is just an estimate – some people will have more or less depending on what they like to buy.

Do you think you’ve spent too much money on Apex? Or are you happy with your purchases? Let us know in the comments!

Apex Pack Calculator

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How Much Have I Spent on Apex


How Do I Find Out How Much I Spent on Apex?

If you want to find out how much you’ve spent on Apex, the first place to look is your bank or credit card statements. If you’ve been paying for Apex with a debit or credit card, there will be a line item on your statement that says something like “Apex Legends” or “EA-Apex.” The amount next to this line item will be how much you’ve spent on Apex.

If you’re not sure which transactions are for Apex, another way to check is by logging into your EA account online. Once you’re logged in, go to “My Account,” then click on the “Subscriptions and Purchases” tab. This page will show all of the purchases you’ve made through EA, including any microtransactions for Apex.

The amount next to each purchase will show how much you spent on that particular transaction.

How Much Money Has Post Spent on Apex?

Since its inception in 2019, the post has spent $8 million on Apex.

Can You See How Many Apex Packs You’Ve Bought?

No, you cannot see how many Apex packs you have bought. However, if you contact customer support, they may be able to tell you.

How Many Apex Packs for Level 500?

Apex Packs are the in-game currency used to unlock new cosmetic items, such as character and weapon skins, Apex Coins are a separate currency that can be used to purchase Apex Packs or other items from the in-game store. There is no level 500 in Apex Legends, the maximum level is 100. Each time you level up you receive an Apex Pack, so if you were to reach level 100 you would have earned a total of 92 Apex Packs.

You won’t believe how much I’ve spent on Apex!


If you’re an Apex Legends fan, you’ve probably wondered how much money you’ve spent on the game. According to one Redditor, the average player has spent $84 on Apex Legends. This includes things like buying the game itself, as well as in-game microtransactions like cosmetics and loot boxes.

So if you’re wondering how much money you’ve sunk into Apex Legends, the answer is probably a lot more than you think.






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