How to Get Unshadowbanned on Pokemon Go

If you think you’ve been shadowbanned on Pokémon GO, there’s a way to check. First, open up the map and zoom all the way in. If you can’t see any nearby Pokémon, it’s likely that you have been shadowbanned.

Another way to check is to try using a Lure Module at a PokéStop. If no Pokémon appear after five minutes, you’re probably shadowbanned. There is no surefire way to get unshadowbanned, but some players have had success by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or by deleting their account and starting over from scratch.

  • There is no surefire way to get unshadowbanned from Pokémon GO, as Niantic does not share their reasoning for why players are shadowbanned in the first place
  • However, there are a few steps you can take to try and improve your chances of getting unshadowbanned: 1
  • Reach out to Niantic customer support and explain your situation
  • Be polite and respectful in your request, as Niantic is more likely to help players who are courteous
  • Stop using any third-party software or mods that could be causing you to be shadowbanned
  • This includes GPS spoofing apps, bots, and anything else that gives you an unfair advantage over other players
  • If you’ve been recently active on social media platforms like Reddit or Discord, check to see if you’ve said anything that could get you banned according to the Pokémon GO Terms of Service
  • Deleting offending posts or comments may improve your chances of getting unshadowbanned
  • Wait it out
  • In some cases, players have found that their shadowban will eventually lift on its own after a few days or weeks with no action taken on their part

Pokemon Go Soft Ban

What is a soft ban in Pokemon GO? A soft ban is when your account is temporarily suspended from accessing online features in Pokémon GO. This can happen if you use third-party services that go against our Terms of Service, or if we detect unusual activity on your account.

If you’re affected by a soft ban, you’ll still be able to play the game offline without any problems. However, you won’t be able to catch Pokémon or spin PokéStops. Your Trainer avatar will also appear as if it’s inside a Poké Ball, and you’ll see a message saying “You are currentlysoft banned.”

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully soft banned, please contact us so we can investigate further.

How to Get Unshadowbanned on Pokemon Go


How Long Does a Shadowban Last on Pokemon Go?

A shadowban in Pokémon GO is a permanent ban that prevents a player from accessing their account. The player’s account will be locked and they will no longer be able to play the game. There is no way to appeal a shadowban or have it removed.

How Do You Get Un Shadow Banned in Pokemon Go?

If you’ve been playing Pokemon GO for a while, you may have noticed that your account suddenly isn’t working as well as it used to. Your username no longer appears in search results, your Trainer level has been reset, and you can’t seem to catch any Pokemon. You may have been “shadowbanned.”

What is shadowbanning? Shadowbanning is when a player is banned from the game without being told they’ve been banned. Their account still works, but they can’t do anything that would give them an advantage over other players.

For example, if you’re shadowbanned, the only PokeStops you can spin are the ones near you; you can’t see any rare or high-level Pokemon; and your XP gain is reduced. Why were you shadowbanned? The most likely reason is that Niantic thinks you were cheating.

This could be because you were using GPS spoofing to teleport around the map, using bots to farm Pokestops or catch Pokemon, or even just buying items from third-party websites. If Niantic suspects that you’re cheating, they may shadowban your account to prevent you from gaining an unfair advantage. How do I know if I’m shadowbanned?

The easiest way to tell if you’re shadowbanned is to ask a friend to search for your trainer name in their game. If they can’t find you, there’s a good chance you’ve beenshadowbanned. You can also try logging out of the game and then logging back in; if your account has beenshadowbanned,you’ll be logged out automatically after a few seconds.

Finally, check your XP gains: if they’re significantly lower than usual, it’s another sign thatyou’vebeenshadowbanned. How do I get un-shadow banned? Ifyou thinkyou’vebeen unfairlyshadowbanned ,the best thingto dois contactNiantic supportandexplainyour situation .

Theymay be able toun-shadow banyouraccountifthey agree thatyou wereshadow banni ngin error .Otherwise ,y ou’ll justhave towaittillyour sh adow banexpires – which couldbe anywherefrom afew days tomuchlonger .

Why am I Shadowbanned on Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO is a game that encourages players to get up and move around in order to catch Pokemon. However, some players have found that their account has been “shadowbanned” which means they cannot see certain rare Pokemon. There are a few possible reasons for why this could happen.

One reason is that the player could be using GPS spoofing or other hacks to try and catch Pokemon. Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, have said that they will ban players who use these sorts of hacks. Another possibility is that the player could be breaking the terms of service by having multiple accounts or by trying to sell/trade their account.

If either of these is the case, then it would make sense for Niantic to shadowban the player’s account. If you think you might have been shadowbanned, there are a few things you can do to check. First, try logging out and then back in again.

If that doesn’t work, try playing on a different device or with a different account (if you have one). If you still can’t see any rare Pokemon, then it’s likely that you’ve been shadowbanned. There is no guaranteed way to get un-shadowbanned, but some people have had success by contacting Niantic directly and pleading their case.

You can also try deleting the app and reinstalling it, although this isn’t guaranteed to work either. Unfortunately, if you’ve been shadowbanned there isn’t much you can do except wait and hope that Niantic decides to lift the ban at some point.

How Do You Get Rid of 7 Day Ban in Pokemon Go?

If you’ve been banned from Pokemon GO for seven days, there is unfortunately no way to get rid of the ban early. You’ll just have to wait it out and then be extra careful not to break the game’s rules again in order to avoid getting banned again.



Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Have you been shadowbanned? If so, don’t worry, there is a way to get unshadowbanned!

First, what is shadowbanning? When you are shadowbanned, your account is still active but your content is not visible to other users. This can happen if you violate the terms of service or if you use third-party software to cheat.

If you have been shadowbanned, the first step is to appeal to Niantic, the company that makes Pokemon Go. You can do this by filling out a form on their website. Make sure to be honest and include as much information as possible.

If your appeal is successful, congratulations! You are now unshadowbanned and can continue playing Pokemon Go.






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