How to Reach Void State

There is no one answer to this question as everyone’s experience of void state will be different. However, some tips on how to reach void state may include practices such as meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness. It is important to be patient and let go of any expectations or attachments to the outcome in order to fully surrender into the experience.

For some people, it may take years of practice before they are able to achieve void state.

  • The first step is to sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and your eyes closed
  • Breathe deeply and evenly, focusing on your breath and letting go of all other thoughts
  • Once you have achieved a deep, even breathing pattern, begin to focus on the space between your eyebrows
  • Visualize a bright white light emanating from the space between your eyebrows and filling your entire body with light
  • Continue to breathe deeply and evenly as you focus on the light filling your body until you reach a state of complete relaxation and peace

How to Wake Up in the Void State

Assuming you mean the Void state in meditation: The best way to achieve the Void state is through concentration and focus. Once you have reached a deep level of concentration, allow your mind to become still and simply observe the silence that surrounds you.

In this state, you will be able to hear the subtle sounds of the universe and feel a profound sense of peace.

How to Reach Void State


How Do I Get into Void?

There is no one guaranteed path into the void. Some people find their way there through intense meditation or psychedelic experiences, while others may have more sudden or unexpected encounters. For some, the void is a dark and scary place, while for others it is a peaceful and calming refuge.

There are many different ways to get into the void, and each person’s experience will be unique.

How Do You Meditate into the Void?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone experiences and approaches meditation differently. However, some general tips on how to meditate into the void may include focusing on your breath, letting go of all thoughts and distractions, and simply being present in the moment. It is important to find a comfortable position for yourself before beginning any type of meditation practice.

Once you have settled into a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. From here, begin to focus your attention on your breath. Notice the sensation of the air moving in and out of your body.

Allow yourself to simply be with each inhale and exhale. If thoughts or distractions arise, gently let them go without judgment or attachment. Continue to focus on your breath until you feel ready to end your session.

shifting: the void state


According to the author, in order to reach void state, it is important to first understand what void state is. Void state is a mental state where one is free from all thoughts and emotions. This state can be reached through meditation, but it takes practice.

Once achieved,void state provides a sense of peace and calm.






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