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‘Kya fayda’ trend takes over Twitter, people share hilarious posts

The publish on Twitter below the ‘Kya fayda’ pattern will go away you laughing out loud.

What traits on Twitter? This is hard query to reply even for somebody who’s utilizing the platform for lengthy. In different phrases, something can go viral on Twitter and within the newest version it’s the ‘Kya fayda’ pattern. Wondering what it’s all about? Under this pattern individuals are sharing how studying one thing has been ineffective – however in fact in a hilarious method. There is an opportunity that the posts could go away you laughing out loud. Also, you could find yourself regarding some or all of them.

Under this pattern ‘Kya fayda’ which when loosely translated to English means, “What’s the use,” individuals are speaking about their expertise that they suppose are ineffective and in addition sharing the explanations for it.

Let’s begin with a publish by a Twitter person who aptly identified the pointlessness of getting good handwriting. “Kya fayeda achi handwriting hone ka jab kaam toh laptop par hi karna hai!,” they wrote. When translated it means, “What’s the use of having a good handwriting when you have to work on the laptop.”

Did that publish make you chuckle? If you’re nodding your head in settlement then wait until you see some extra posts that folks shared on Twitter.

A publish on Twitter shared below ‘Kya fayda’ pattern.(Twitter@_sexy_soul)
Tweet shared by an user under ‘Kya fayda’ trend(Twitter/@Taani_talks)
Tweet shared by an person below ‘Kya fayda’ pattern(Twitter/@Taani_talks)
One of the ‘Kya fayda’ trend tweets posted on Twitter.(Twitter/@Zzaidd_13)
One of the ‘Kya fayda’ pattern tweets posted on Twitter.(Twitter/@Zzaidd_13)
‘Kya fayda’ trend on Twitter.(Twitter/@forever_akela)
‘Kya fayda’ pattern on Twitter.(Twitter/@forever_akela)
A post shared on Twitter under the trend ‘Kya fayda’.(Twitter/@chiragsethiya12)
A publish shared on Twitter below the pattern ‘Kya fayda’.(Twitter/@chiragsethiya12)
Post on ‘Kya fayda’ trend on Twitter.(Twitter/@Chai_n_love)
Post on ‘Kya fayda’ pattern on Twitter.(Twitter/@Chai_n_love)
A tweet posted on Twitter under the trend ‘Kya fayda’.(Twitter/@imboyaman)
A tweet posted on Twitter below the pattern ‘Kya fayda’.(Twitter/@imboyaman)

What will you share below this pattern?

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