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‘Lava-like’ substance flows underneath field in Scotland, post goes viral

The photographs and a video of the ‘lava-like’ substance flowing beneath a subject in Scotland was posted on Facebook. The share has since gone viral.

A video and some photographs of a ‘lava-like’ substance flowing beneath a subject in Scotland have gone viral on-line. The share exhibits red-hot cavities peeking from beneath the charred black rocks of the world.

An area resident Tom Paton shared the publish on Facebook. Since being shared, the images and video are actually being posted by many throughout numerous social media platforms.

“Pictures and short video of ‘the burning field’ up the back of Patna’s old Caravan Park. Hard to believe the Scottish coal board sees fence posts with two pieces of wire as a suitable perimeter for such a dangerous area where the temperature of the ground is deadline warm and the ground falls away at your feet. I don’t understand how it has been like this for at least three years and not much attempt to extinguish it has happened as of yet? Maybe a bit of media attention is needed before there’s a fatality,” he wrote whereas sharing the video and the pictures.

Take a have a look at the pictures and the video of the ‘lava-like’ substance:

The publish, since being shared a couple of days in the past, has gathered a number of reactions.

“That’s crazy,” wrote a Facebook consumer. “Scary,” commented one other. “That’s bad,” posted a 3rd.

“It’s concerning for wildlife and for people who go up there with their dogs because if you don’t already know it’s there then it isn’t too obvious to see. The smell is potent, but the actual hole in the ground is well hidden until you’re right on it,” mentioned Tom Paton to The Herald, a Scottish publication.

What are your ideas on the pictures and video?

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