Prince Charles should keep an open mind about UK’s Rwanda deportation plan: Johnson

“I’m delighted that Prince Charles and everybody are here today to see a country that has undergone a complete transformation, or a very substantial transformation,” he stated.


“People need to keep an open mind about the policy, the critics need to keep an open mind, a lot of people can see its obvious merits.

“And if I’m seeing the Prince tomorrow of course I’m going to make that point,” he stated.

Prince Charles was reported to have known as the UK’s plan to repeat Australia’s offshore solution for asylum seekers to journey by boat “appalling”.

Clarence House has not denied the report. The monarch is anticipated to stay politically impartial.

Charles and Johnson are attributable to catch up for a “cup of tea” on Friday morning in Kigali.

Both Charles and Johnson have met Kagame in Kigali. Johnson praised Kagame’s “moral stance” on Ukraine, in addition to the proposed migrant deportation plan, based on a spokesman.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall speaks on the Violence Against Women and Girls occasion on the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda.Credit:Chris Jackson

In a speech at a violence in opposition to ladies and women occasion, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall highlighted Kagame’s dedication to bettering ladies’s rights, noting that Rwanda was ranked seventh on the planet when it comes to ladies’s rights and alternatives.

“On International Women’s Day earlier this year, I was profoundly touched by President Kagame’s powerful message on social media, which read, ‘Equality is a right, not a favour’,” Camilla stated.


“So let us bear His Excellency’s words in mind as we focus on violence in the home against women and girls today and remember that we are seeking rights, not favours.”

In his first handle forward of the official Commonwealth Heads of Government summit, Johnson likened the grouping, usually maligned as a disparate and redundant relic of the British Empire, as a fertiliser.

“What if there was a miracle fertiliser, a fertiliser of business that grew your business that expanded your profits and cut your costs by 21 per cent?” he informed the Commonwealth Business Forum.

“There is such a fertiliser and I’ll tell you ingredients … it’s a common language, it’s a familiar sense of our legal and administrative systems, it’s a shared system of mutual trust between us and that system is called the Commonwealth.

“That fertiliser knocks 21 per cent off the cost of trade between Commonwealth members,” he stated.

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