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Spaghetti freezes mid-air due to extreme cold in US, pic goes viral

The image of the spaghetti freezing mid-air because of excessive chilly in USA was posted on Twitter.

An image of spaghetti wrapped round a fork frozen mid-air goes all types of viral on social media. Captured at New Hampshire’s Mount Washington within the US, the pic exhibits the intense chilly temperature of the place. There is an opportunity that the pic will depart you intrigued.

The Mount Washington Observatory took to Twitter to share the picture. “One of our Observers found an area out of the 65+ mph winds this morning and was going to have some leftover spaghetti for breakfast at #sunrise but the -30F (-34C) temperatures prevented them from even taking a bite,” they wrote whereas posting the picture.

Take a take a look at the tweet:

Though the tweet has gathered about 2,000 likes, the image has gone viral as it’s now being posted by many throughout numerous social media platforms. The share has additionally collected numerous feedback from folks.

“And the Mt. Washington Observatory spaghetti challenge is born!” joked a Twitter person. “Wow! It took me some time to figure out that’s an actual photograph of spaghetti and fork frozen mid-air! The snow looks like clouds and the whole thing reminds me of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” shared. “WOW! Amazing shot! Thank you for sharing!” expressed a 3rd.

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