Target Time and Superquiz, Sunday, May 15



Find phrases of 4 letters or extra. Every phrase should embrace the centre letter and every letter is used as soon as solely. Find at the least one nine-letter phrase. No colloquial or overseas phrases, capitalised nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plural phrases ending in “s”. Solution record shouldn’t be exhaustive.

Reference supply: Macquarie Dictionary.

Today’s Target: 8 phrases, common; 12 phrases, good; 16+ phrases, glorious.

Last Sunday’s Target: coif, coifed, confide, CONFIDENT, confine, confined, deft, fecit, feint, fend, fetid, fiend, discover, high quality, fined, finned, fino, foci, fond, font, infect, typically.

Ellen Fitzgerald

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