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This safe may not keep your money safe but it’s exquisite and delicious. Watch viral video

The viral video of the gorgeous secure was posted on Instagram.

Creating superb chocolate sculptures which might be life-like is a specialty of chef Amaury Guichon. His Instagram web page is crammed with varied videos and images that present his unimaginable creations. Just like his latest share that exhibits his newest sculpture made fully out of chocolate. It is a secure which can not maintain your cash secure however is totally stunning.

“Chocolate Safe! The little gold bars are too good… better keep them locked up,” he wrote whereas posting a video exhibiting him making the secure. The clip exhibits him making the merchandise from scratch. The finish of the video exhibits the entire secure together with mini chocolate-filled ‘gold bars’ inside.

Take a take a look at the video that will make your jaw drop:

The video was shared 4 days in the past. Since being posted, the clip has gathered greater than 15 million views and the numbers are constantly rising. The share has additionally accrued close to about 1.4 million likes and counting. The share has prompted folks to publish varied feedback and so they couldn’t cease praising the chef.

“Every time I say it can’t get crazier than this. But the next time you surprise me even more, that’s really crazy,” posted an Instagram consumer. “WHO can compete with you?!?? Likeeee WHOOOO???” expressed one other. “He can make everything with chocolate but still make it function like the real thing. Amazing,” commented a 3rd. “This chef is out of this world!” wrote a fourth.

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