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This unique ‘fluffy’ crab looks like a stuffed toy. Viral pic may leave you surprised

The image of this distinctive ‘fluffy’ crab seems to be like a stuffed toy was posted on Facebook.

A wonderful species of crab was not too long ago found in Australia and its photos could go away you fascinated. The cause is that the crustacean seems to be much less like a crab and extra like a squeezable stuffed toy.

WA (Western Australian) Museum Boola Bardip shared in regards to the crab on their official Facebook web page. They additionally posted a descriptive caption that explains how the creature was named after Charles Darwin’s analysis boat.

“Lamarckdromia beagle is a southwest endemic crab named after the HMS Beagle, a vessel that carried Charles Darwin to Albany in 1836. This species belongs to the Dromiidae or sponge crab family, and like other members will turn a living sponge into a portable shelter to protect it from predators such as octopus and fish. The dense, shaggy hair on the crab’s carapace is actually quite soft and fluffy, however, its function is not clear. It’s possible it helps obscure the outline of the crab’s legs as a form of camouflage, as they aren’t covered by the sponge,” they posted.

Dr Andrew Hosie, curator of crustacea and worms in Western Australian Museum, shared that the crabs carry round a bit of dwelling sponge, stories ABC News. He additionally shared that the creature makes use of its hind legs to place the sponge above its head like a hat.

“The crabs trim the sponge to shape, let it grow to shape of their body and use them as a hat or protective blanket keep them protected from predators such as octopus and fish,” he added. “We can’t really give a definitive answer as to why this species is so fluffy, we suspect it’s to help further camouflage its legs from predators,” he additionally defined.

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