Tiger shuts down accident questions

He was rushing however simply how Tiger Woods crashed his automotive so badly that he nearly misplaced a leg will stay a thriller.

Tiger Woods refused to present any particulars on the intense automotive crash that almost price him a leg and conceded folks would proceed to “poke and prod” however warned off anybody attempting to get solutions by means of his household.

A day after Woods broke a nine-month silence following the automotive crash in February to declare he’d by no means be a full-time golfer once more, he fronted a press convention within the Bahamas and was requested concerning the accident.

The 15-time main champion stated he hadn’t had any flashbacks to the day his automotive veered off a street at excessive pace in California and didn’t have any particulars concerning the crash so as to add.

“Yeah, all those answers have been answered in the investigation, so you can read about all that there in the post report,” he stated.

The police report revealed Woods had been travelling at nearly twice the authorized pace restrict when he crashed. But he was cleared of being impaired by medicine or alcohol and no visitors citations had been issued.

Woods stated whereas he spent three months in hospital recovering, as hypothesis swirled about how the accident occurred, he tuned out.

The father of two stated he was used to folks attempting to dig into his life however would at all times stay personal and particularly warned off anybody who tried to get to him by means of his household.

“I had friends that insulated me from a lot of the things that were said outside. I didn’t have my phone, I didn’t have access … well, I did have access to a TV and I was just watching sports. But I refused to turn on the local channels and news and stuff like that. I didn’t want to go down that road,” he stated.

“I wasn’t mentally ready for that road yet. A lot of things in my body hurt at that time, and whether I was on medication or not, it still hurt.

“And just trying to imagine me coming off of that stuff, how much it was going to hurt, I didn’t want to have my mind go there yet, it wasn’t ready.

“Yeah, people are going to poke and prod and want to know more about my business, I understand that. They can poke and prod at me all they want, just stay away from my family.”

Woods wanted surgical procedure on open fractures to his decrease proper leg and additional accidents to his foot and ankle and stated at one level he feared that his proper leg might be amputated.

“It was on the table. I’m lucky to be alive but also still have the limb. Those are two crucial things,” Woods stated.

“I’m very grateful that someone upstairs was taking care of me, that I’m able to not only be here but also to walk without a prosthesis.”

Woods had outlined his reduced playing ambitions for when he totally recovered however stated he would “love” to have the ability to play at subsequent 12 months’s British Open at St Andrews.

“Yeah, I would love to play at St Andrews, there‘s no doubt about it. It’s my favourite golf course in the world,” he stated.

“To be a two-time Open champion there, just being a part of the champions dinner is really neat. From my first one in ’05 I got to attend a champions dinner, it was pretty neat to be a part of.

“Those are things like at the Masters, those dinners are priceless and those stories and listen to them talk about how they played, when they played it and what they did, it’s just an honour to be a part of a room like that.

“Yes, I would love to be able to play that Open championship, there’s no doubt about it.”

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