Twist in Panadol panic buying nightmare

While cabinets are being stripped naked of Panadol and Nurofen, one Aussie shopper has identified a bizzare pattern amongst panic consumers.

Stock provide shortages and panic consumers have seen cabinets at supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the nation stripped naked of ache treatment – nicely, nearly.

Last week, Australians had been urged to fill up on necessities they would wish in case they had been recognized with Covid-19.

One of the important thing gadgets deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd suggested Aussies should have on hand was paracetamol or ibuprofen so as to handle fevers and delicate aches or pains.

“My advice is that you make sure you have some paracetamol or ibuprofen at home in case you’re diagnosed with Covid-19,” he stated.

“It’s important to be prepared because you won’t be able to go to your supermarket or pharmacy if you are diagnosed with Covid-19.”

As a end result, fashionable manufacturers corresponding to Panadol and Nurofen have been stripped from the cabinets, however one shopper observed folks had utterly neglected one other model.

A photograph, posted to Twitter by person Katerina, exhibits the cabinets at Chemist Warehouse retailer that normally show Panadol and Nurofen utterly empty.

However, proper subsequent to it, are rows and rows of the ache killer Panamax.

Just like Panadol, Panamax incorporates the energetic ingredient paracetamol is used to alleviate ache and fevers.

It can be considerably cheaper, costing $2.99 for 100 tablets, in comparison with Panadol which prices $13.49 for a similar quantity.

“Lol when people don’t realise Panamax is paracetamol,” Katrina wrote.

Her publish shortly went viral, attracting hundreds of likes and a whole lot of feedback, prompting her to ask folks to not purchase the drug except they want it.

“Legit might delete this if they start selling out of these too,” she wrote.

“But please don’t buy them if you don’t need them. So many disabled and immunocompromised people rely on these.”

Many commenters had been fast to assert the picture confirmed the irrational considering of people that panic purchase.

“Active ingredient identical. It shows the average intelligence of a panic buyer,” one particular person wrote.

“Proof that panic buyers can’t think for themselves and their ‘buy the Panadol’ tunnel vision,” one other stated.

One commenter claimed their brother witnessed a girl telling a pharmacist that she wanted to purchase Panadol, not paracetamol.

“My brother just called me. He was in a Hobart pharmacy today and a very irate lady was berating the pharmacist that she didn’t want paracetamol, she wanted Panadol ‘like Mr Hunt and Mr Morrison said to use.’,” they wrote.

There had been some commenters who claimed they actually did want utilizing Panadol over Panamax, stating the previous was simpler in ingest.

“I can taste the Panamax as soon as I go to swallow it and it makes me gag. I can only take coated paracetamol tablets,” one particular person stated.

Another wrote: “Not very nice tablets though – big & a bit harder for many to swallow. No smooth coating”.

Overnight, grocery store big Coles announced it was introducing new limits on essential items, corresponding to bathroom paper, paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin.

“The situation is rapidly changing,” Coles stated in assertion on Facebook.

“Product availability in our stores has been impacted due to pandemic related supply chain disruptions.”

Shoppers will now solely be allowed to purchase two packs of painkillers and one pack of bathroom paper per buy.

Coles advised clients “there is no need to panic buy” and to “please purchase only what you need.

“Our team are working hard during this trying time – please remember to show them the kindness and respect they very much deserve.”

In current days, social media has been flooded with photos of naked cabinets in supermarkets and pharmacies.

A spokesperson for GSK Consumer Healthcare, the corporate liable for the manufacturing of Panadol, urged people to not hoard the medicine.

They stated there was at the moment restricted provide in some shops and pharmacies.

“We urge Australians to responsibly purchase for their immediate needs to ensure there is supply for everyone,” the spokesperson advised NCA NewsWire.

“Provided this occurs, there will be adequate supply of Panadol within the grocery and pharmacy networks to ensure all Australians have access.

“Given the current situation, where possible, orders are being advanced and stock redeployed from other markets. We are also working with our business partners to ensure that stock is distributed widely.”

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