“USA Today” Article Deflects Criticism of the Ukrainian Government

The cherry choosing of the company
media undermines any pretense of objectivity. Today, USA Today cherry picked in
order to favor Ukraine towards Russia. Its headline, “Ukraine: Head of Amnesty
International chapter quits. Russia begins assault on jap Ukraine,” deflects
criticism of Ukraine for endangering the civilian inhabitants. Amnesty
International, which is hardly taking a pro-Russia place, criticized Ukraine
for launching missile assaults from faculties, hospitals and different closely
populated areas. If Palestinian teams like Hamas are accused of doing the identical
in an effort to protest Israeli atrocities towards Palestinian civilians, why not
draw the identical conclusion about Zelenski?  Just as a result of Zelenski, who has confirmed to be a grasp
at PR, reacted irately to the Amnesty International report, it doesn’t imply
that the report lacks substance. The harm management argument in favor of the
Ukrainian governments is that the report is a “tool of Russian propaganda.”


Nowhere within the USA Today article is
there point out that the one that resigned, Oksana Pokalchuk, is herself Ukrainian. The article
does every little thing to create the impression that the Amnesty International’s
report simply represents the point of view of 1 present inside the group. Thus
Pokalchuk claims that Amnesty International launched the report “ignoring
the recommendation of employees members, who urged the group to revise its report.” It goes
with out saying that not everybody within the group goes to agree with such
a controversial opinion. But why does USA Today underscore the adverse
response to the report? What needs to be underlined is the horrible penalties
of the actions of the Ukrainian military, one more reason for which Washington needs to be a voice in favor of reaching a peace settlement and never the warfare’s


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