Wait, what? Man Addicted To Pepsi Drank 10 Liters A Day For 20 Years

We have all been responsible of sipping on aerated drinks every so often. A giant sip of our favourite beverage is sufficient to ship chills down our backbone. The excessive caffeine content material current in these drinks makes us crave it much more! However, have you ever ever craved it so dangerous that you simply felt like you’ll be able to’t perform with out it? Recently, we got here throughout a weird story and it has left us shocked! A UK man named Andy Currie who spent round $8500 a yr on guzzling 30 cans of Pepsi a day for 20 years mentioned that he has been cured – after turning to hypnotherapy.

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According to Newsweek, 41-year-old Andy Currie downed a liter of the fizzy drink each morning and drank an extra 9 litres a day. He sipped an estimated 219,000 cans of Pepsi – practically 8,000 kg of sugar – since he first began consuming it. Currie mentioned, “I’ve always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could beat it and I just got hooked. I work nights, so I always liked the sugar rush to keep me going. I’d go through four or five two-litre bottles of Pepsi every day.”

Mr Currie, who works at a grocery store named Tesco, additional added, “Because I work at Tesco I could just buy it straight after work and take it home.” He additionally revealed that he might have bought a automotive yearly for a similar quantity he was spending on Pepsi. “I just needed to have it; as soon as I woke up I’d go to the fridge and pour myself a large glass of Pepsi and just carry on through the day,” he mentioned.

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The 41-year-old determined to take drastic motion after his weight soreed to 266 kilos and his docs warned him in regards to the danger of creating diabetes. He did handle to lose 28 kilos, however he could not cease consuming Pepsi. Currie then contacted London-based therapist and hypnotist, David Kilmurry, who recognized him as having Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), as per Newsweek.

Surprisingly, after only one on-line hypnotherapy session, Currie was cured and drank water for the primary time in 20 years.

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