Why is Sistas Not on Bet Plus

Sistas was a popular sitcom that aired on the BET network from 2019 to 2020. The show followed the lives of a group of African-American women who were friends and sisters. The show was created by Tyler Perry and had a predominantly black cast.

The show was cancelled after two seasons, much to the disappointment of fans. There are several theories as to why the show was cancelled, but the most likely reason is that it simply wasn’t doing well enough in the ratings to justify its continued existence. BET Plus is a streaming service that is owned by the same company as BET, so it stands to reason that they would want to keep their original programming on their own platform rather than giving it away for free on another service.

Tyler Perry's Sistas | FULL EPISODE | Season 5 Premiere

It’s no secret that BET Plus has been on a roll lately. The streaming service has been pumping out hit after hit, and fans have been eating it up. But there’s one show that’s conspicuously absent from the platform: Sistas.

The series, which follows a group of black women in Atlanta as they navigate love, friendship, and career, was a breakout success when it premiered on BET in 2019. It quickly became one of the network’s most popular shows, and its passionate fanbase has been clamoring for more ever since. So why isn’t Sistas available on BET Plus?

The answer is complicated. For starters, Sistas is produced by Tyler Perry Studios, which has an exclusive deal with another streaming service, OWN. That means that BET doesn’t actually own the rights to the show, so they can’t just put it up on their own platform without permission (and presumably paying a hefty fee).

But even if OWN wasn’t in the picture, there’s still the issue of money. Putting a show like Sistas on BET Plus would be expensive, and given that the platform is still fairly new and hasn’t reached mass appeal yet, it might not be worth the investment. Of course, that could all change down the line.

If BET Plus continues to grow at its current rate and becomes a must-have for TV lovers, then maybe we’ll see Sistas make the jump to the platform eventually. In the meantime though, fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

When Will Sistas Season 4 Be on Bet Plus

We don’t have an official release date for Sistas Season 4 yet, but we’re hoping it will be sometime in 2021. BET Plus has been renewed for a fourth season, so we know that it’s in the works. The show follows a group of African-American women who are friends and sisters, so it’s always enjoyable to watch.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about when Sistas Season 4 will be released!

When Will Sistas Season 5 Be on Bet Plus

When will Sistas Season 5 be on Bet Plus? This has been a question on the minds of many fans since the show’s fourth season wrapped up in early 2020. While there has been no official word from Bet Plus or the show’s creators, it is safe to assume that production on a fifth season will begin sometime in 2021.

Assuming that production does start next year, it is likely that Sistas Season 5 will premiere on Bet Plus in late 2021 or early 2022. Of course, this is all just speculation at this point and anything could happen between now and then. However, given the popularity of the show and its strong ratings, it seems like a safe bet that we will see another season of Sistas sooner rather than later.

Is Sistas Season 4 on Bet Plus

Sistas season 4 is set to premiere on BET+ on Wednesday, March 24. The series follows a group of friends as they experience the ups and downs of life and love in their 30s. The show was created by Tyler Perry and stars KJ Smith, Chante Adams, Ebony Obsidian, Mignon Von, Novi Brown, and DeVale Ellis.

Sistas has been a hit with viewers since it premiered in 2019, with many tuning in for the relatable storylines and strong female friendships. BET+ is available to subscribers for $9.99 per month. Those who are not already subscribed can sign up for a free 7-day trial at betplus.com.

Is Sistas Season 5 on Bet Plus

Sistas Season 5 is not on Bet Plus. The series was renewed for a fifth season, which will premiere in 2021.

Is Sistas on Bet Plus

Sistas, a new original series from Tyler Perry, is now available to stream on BET+. The series follows a group of single black women as they navigate their complicated love lives, careers, and friendships in Atlanta. The cast of Sistas includes KJ Smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, Crystal Fox, and Novi Brown.

The show was created by Tyler Perry and directed by Darren Grant. If you’re looking for a new drama to get into, be sure to check out Sistas on BET+. You won’t be disappointed.

Why is Sistas Not on Bet Plus

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Do Bet Plus Have Sistas?

Sistas is a new original series from Tyler Perry that follows the lives of a group of black women as they navigate love, careers, and friendship. The show is set in Atlanta and stars Kj Smith, Crystal Renee, Ebony Obsidian, and Novi Brown. While BET Plus does not currently have Sistas available to stream, it is possible that the platform will add the series in the future.

For now, fans can catch new episodes of Sistas on Wednesdays at 10/9c on BET.

Where Can I Watch the Current Season of Sistas?

Sistas is a hit television show that premiered on the BET network in 2019. The show follows the lives of a group of African-American women who are friends and sisters. The first season of Sistas was very successful and popular with viewers.

The second season of Sistas is currently airing on the BET network. Viewers can watch the current season of Sistas on the BET network. episodes of Sistas are also available for streaming on BET+.

Can I Watch Sistas Season 3 on Betplus?

Yes, you can watch Sistas Season 3 on Betplus. The series is set to premiere on October 20, 2020.

Where Can I Watch Sistas Season 4?

Sistas Season 4 is not currently airing on television. However, all three seasons are available to stream on BET+.


The author of the blog post explains that there are many reasons why the show Sistas is not available on the BET Plus streaming service. One reason is that the show has not been renewed for a second season yet. Additionally, BET does not have the rights to stream all of its content on BET Plus.

The author also speculates that another reason may be because Sistas is not as popular as other shows on BET.

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