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Woman tries baking a cake that looks like Gordon Ramsay, chef reacts. Watch

Gordon Ramsay usually shares videos on Instagram that present him reacting to cooking of others. If you’re somebody who follows the posts shared by the celeb chef or watches the exhibits involving him, it’s possible you’ll concentrate on how he by no means minces his phrases whereas sharing his sincere food-related reactions. Case in level, his response to a lady making an attempt to bake a cake and make it seem like him.

“What in the fondant is that?!?” Ramsay wrote whereas sharing the video. The clip opens to point out a cut up display screen. On one aspect of the display screen, a lady is seen making the cake. The chef’s response is showcased on the opposite aspect of the display screen.

Take a have a look at the video to see how he reacts:

The video has been posted a couple of days in the past. Since being shared, the put up has gone loopy viral. Till now, it has gathered greater than 3.3 million views and the numbers are rapidly rising. The share has additionally prompted folks to put up varied feedback. Many additionally showcased their reactions by way of laughing out loud emoticons.

“I would be so mad if I spun all this time on this just for Gordon to react like this,” shared an Instagram consumer. “LMFAO! OMG I love you Gordon,” posted one other. “They went too hard on the wrinkles / creases so it kinda looked like you but also an 80 year old you,” expressed a 3rd. “Nooo, I’m dead!!” wrote a fourth.

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