‘You cannot be serious!’: What happens when we reach our goals

To be taken severely ceaselessly is related to expectation of efficiency as embodied within the saying “it is a job for a grown-up”. To be taken severely is to be seen as a grown-up. That is frightening, as a result of it triggers our self-doubts about our competence and reliability. Fear of failure ceaselessly trumps want for achievement, so we defer, desist, deflect, delegate and self-deprecate in an try to assuage our fears.


In our careers, too ceaselessly we reside between the tragedies of failing to realize our objectives and reaching them. We really feel frustration our careers haven’t reached the heights we desired. For some, that is associated to a shaky sense of self-worth, whereas for others it’s nearer to the actually comedian self-delusion of means or grandeur.

Yet for others, by a mix of luck, judgement and expertise, they find yourself being taken severely and reaching their objectives. Only then they discover out that what they’d yearned for and had believed would deliver them achievement and happiness seems be not what they bargained for.

Who is aware of what my legacy might be. Perhaps, like Bob Monkhouse, it is going to be: Jim Bright, his profession was a joke.

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