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Amid Rising US Fuel Prices, Joe Biden’s Message For “Bragging” Oil CEOs

US Fuel Prices: Rise in gas costs in US has impacted President Joe Biden’s recognition numbers.


President Joe Biden is “frustrated” by massive oil CEOs “bragging” about earnings when gas costs are hovering for atypical Americans, the White House mentioned Tuesday.

A painful hike in the price of gasoline is spearheading an total inflation drawback and hitting Biden’s recognition scores.

The White House says that oil firms could also be illegally profiteering and has requested the Federal Trade Commission to research.

In sturdy feedback to reporters, Press Secretary Jen Psaki questioned why gasoline costs had been so excessive in filling stations when crude oil is buying and selling sharply decrease.

“I will say, yes, we’re frustrated. We’re frustrated because you’ve seen a decrease in oil prices. You’ve not seen a decrease in gas” costs, she mentioned. “It doesn’t take an economist — it doesn’t take an oil market expert to recognize that. That doesn’t sound, look or smell right.”

“We see oil company CEOs bragging about the profits they make when gas company prices go up,” Psaki mentioned. “This is a real impact on the American people. It is incredibly frustrating. That’s why the president is so focused on it.”

Last week, Biden took the bizarre measure of tapping US strategic oil reserves to pump further provides into the market. This was accomplished in coordination with different main shopper nations similar to China and India.

Biden’s try and calm the gas markets has had little impact to date. However, information of the possibly harmful new Omicron Covid-19 variant has despatched crude oil costs sharply down.

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