Former Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir keeps her core strong with exercises including deadbugs and side planks

Katrin Davidsdottir competing at “Strength in Depth” in London in June 2022.Sean Ellison

  • CrossFit athlete Katrin Davidsdottir has at all times had a six-pack, however her core wasn’t at all times sturdy.

  • The former Fittest Woman on Earth stated neglecting her core led to a herniated disc.

  • Davidsdottir now does quite a lot of core workout routines, together with deadbugs, aspect planks, and L-sit holds.

Katrin Davidsdottir does “a lot” of core coaching to take care of her place as an elite CrossFit athlete, together with deadbugs, L-sit holds, and suitcase carries, she instructed Insider.

The 29-year-old Icelandic athlete received the CrossFit Games in 2015 and 2016, however she hasn’t at all times prioritized her core — regardless of her visible abs.

“I’ve had a six-pack since I used to be a child and it seems nice, but it surely doesn’t always mean that it works efficiently and that your inside core muscle groups are secure,” Davidsdottir instructed Insider.

While the abs are the outside muscle groups on the entrance of the torso, the core muscle groups embody the abs but additionally wrap round the entire of the midsection and embody the pelvis, diaphragm, decrease again, and hips. The core helps stabilize the entire physique, and you may have a robust core with no six-pack, or a six-pack with no sturdy core.

The former gymnast stated considered one of her greatest errors was not doing sufficient core coaching, which led to a herniated disc on the finish of 2019. A herniated disc, often known as a slipped disc, is the place one of many tender cushions of tissue between the bones in your backbone transfer misplaced.

Since then, Davidsdottir has made ab-strengthening workout routines a key a part of her exercises.

Katrin Davidsdottir does quite a lot of completely different core workout routines

To defend her again, Davidsdottir prioritizes the “McGill Big Three“: three core workout routines designed to be carried out earlier than coaching, particularly for individuals who undergo from again ache.

The workout routines are:

Davidsdottir provides deadbugs to those, which is one other motion that helps have interaction the core, as personal trainer Luke Worthington previously told Insider.

Deadbugs, in addition to aspect planks, also can assist construct the ab muscle groups, particularly in case you add weight, bodybuilder Hattie Boydle previously told Insider.

In 2021, Davidsdottir moved from the US to Iceland to coach with a brand new coach, Jami Tikkanen. Since making that change, she’s integrated much more ab and core workout routines into her coaching.

“We do quite a lot of suitcase carries, L-sit holds, ring holds, hip extensions,” she stated. “I do a lot of accessory movements around the big lifts.” Accessory actions are supplementary workout routines designed to help and enhance efficiency on foremost actions, reminiscent of squats or overhead presses. Examples embody Davidsdottir’s core workout routines, in addition to many others reminiscent of dumbbell curls, cranium crushers, and cut up squats.

Suitcase carries are a easy motion that contain holding a weight in a single hand, partaking the core muscle groups to maintain the torso straight, and strolling — and could be completed in every day life reminiscent of when carrying groceries, pilates teacher Nathalie Hayward previously told Insider.

Davidsdottir needs her complete physique to contribute to each motion

Davidsdottir stated she is doing quite a lot of these accent actions round her large lifts (like deadlifts, squats, or clear and jerks) to make sure she will be able to carry out them safely and hold making progress.

“I feel like I’ve been keeping my body so much healthier, and that helps with the big, sexy lifts,” she stated.

As properly as strengthening her core, ensuring her glutes are sturdy and engaged helps defend the again, Davidsdottir stated.

“A big thing this year has been getting my whole body to contribute to whatever I’m doing,” she stated.

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