How Long is an Ark Day

According to the Bible, an Ark Day is when Noah and his family boarded the Ark and were saved from the flood. The Bible does not give an exact length for an Ark Day, but it does tell us that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. This would mean that an Ark Day is at least 40 days long.

How to skip night in ARK

The day of the great flood is known as Ark day. It was on this day that Noah and his family were saved from the floodwaters. The ark was a large boat that Noah built to save himself and his family from the deluge.

How Long is an Ark Day


Q: How Long is an Ark Day

A: Ark days are 24 hours long, just like regular days. However, because the sun is so much bigger and brighter in the sky on Ark, a day feels shorter than it does on Earth.


The blog post is about how long an ark day is. It turns out that there are 24 hours in an ark day! The author goes on to explain how this came to be, and why it’s important for us to know.

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