How Much Can Goku Lift

There are a lot of different ways to determine how much someone can lift. The most popular way is probably the one-rep max, which is the amount of weight that can be lifted once for one repetition. However, there are other ways to estimate someone’s lifting ability, such as their bodyweight or their strength-to-bodyweight ratio.

One of the most impressive feats of strength in pop culture belongs to Goku from the Dragon Ball series. He has been shown to lift some incredibly heavy weights over the course of the show, and it’s led many fans to wonder just how much he could actually lift in real life. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer when it comes to how strong Goku is.

The creators of Dragon Ball have never given an exact number for his lifting abilities. However, based on what we’ve seen in the show, it’s safe to say that he’s incredibly strong and could probably lift well over 1,000 pounds in a single repetition.


Goku is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe. He has demonstrated his incredible strength time and time again, lifting heavy objects and defeating powerful opponents. So, just how much can Goku lift?

Well, according to an official statement from Toei Animation, Goku can lift 100 tons. That’s right – 100 metric tons! And he’s not even close to his limit; during the Cell Games arc in Dragon Ball Z, Goku says that he could have lifted even more if he had tried harder.

So there you have it – one of the many reasons why Goku is such a powerhouse. If you ever doubted his strength, now you know better!

How Much Can Goku Lift


How Much Can Goku Lift

Goku is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe. He has been able to lift incredibly heavy objects over his head with ease. In the anime, Goku has been seen lifting objects that weigh over 100 tons.

However, it’s worth noting that Goku’s strength isn’t just limited to lifting things overhead; he can also punch and kick with tremendous force.

What is the Limit to Goku’S Strength

Goku’s strength is seemingly limitless. He has constantly pushed himself to new levels, both in terms of his physical strength and his power in general. In the original Dragon Ball series, he was able to defeat foes who were much stronger than him, and even when facing opponents who were vastly more powerful, he was always able to find a way to win.

One of the most impressive things about Goku is that he never stops growing stronger. Even after reaching what should be his peak, he continues to train hard and get even stronger. This was shown in Dragon Ball Z, where he kept getting stronger even as he fought against increasingly powerful enemies.

By the end of the series, Goku was strong enough to fight toe-to-toe with beings like Beerus, the God of Destruction. It seems that there is no limit to how strong Goku can become. As long as he keeps training and pushing himself, he will continue to grow stronger and become one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

How Does Goku Compare to Other Super-Strong Characters in Terms of Lifting Capacity

Goku is one of the strongest characters in all of fiction. He’s able to lift incredibly heavy weights and has demonstrated feats of strength that are beyond what any normal human could do. But how does he compare to other super strong characters?

Let’s take a look. In terms of pure lifting capacity, Goku is definitely up there with the strongest characters in fiction. He’s been shown to be able to lift weights that are far beyond what any normal human could hope to lift.

For example, in Dragon Ball Z, he was shown to be able to easily lift a car over his head with one hand. And in Dragon Ball Super, he was able to hold up the entire weight of a large mountain on his back. However, there are other characters who are capable of even greater feats of strength than Goku.

For example, Superman is often considered to be the strongest character in all of fiction. He’s been shown lifting weights that are far heavier than anything Goku has ever lifted before. In fact, Superman once lifted an entire planet!


In the post, the author talks about how much Goku can lift and how his strength compares to other characters in the Dragon Ball series. The author goes on to say that while Goku is incredibly strong, there are other characters who are stronger than him.

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