How to Disable Touchpad on Dell Laptop

There are a few steps you can take to disable the touchpad on your Dell laptop. The first is to go into the Device Manager and find the entry for the touchpad. Once you’ve found it, right-click on it and select “Disable.”

You can also try going into the BIOS and disabling the touchpad from there. If neither of those options work, you can always just unplug the touchpad altogether.

  • Right-click on the Start button and select “Device Manager”
  • In Device Manager, expand the “Mice and other pointing devices” section
  • Find your touchpad in the list of devices and right-click on it
  • Select “Disable device” from the context menu that appears
  • A confirmation dialog will appear; click “Yes” to confirm and disable the touchpad
How to Disable Touchpad on Dell Laptop


How Do I Turn the Touchpad off on My Laptop?

Most laptop computers come with a touchpad that you can use instead of a mouse. But sometimes the touchpad can be annoying, especially if you accidentally brush it while you’re typing. If you want to disable the touchpad on your laptop, there are a few different ways to do it.

The most common way is to simply go into the settings for your touchpad and turn it off. This is usually done by going into the “Mouse” or “Touchpad” section of your computer’s control panel. From there, you should be able to find an option to disable the touchpad.

Another way to turn off the touchpad is to use a keyboard shortcut. On many laptops, you can press the Fn key (usually located in the lower-left corner of the keyboard) plus another key to disable the touchpad. For example, on some Dell laptops, you would press Fn+F3 to toggle the touchpad on and off.

Check your laptop’s manual to see if there’s a shortcut for disabling the touchpad on your particular model. If neither of those methods works, or if you can’t find the appropriate settings in your control panel, try this: Go into your device manager (you can search for it in Windows’ Start menu) and find “Mice and other pointing devices.” Click on that, then right-click on yourtouchpad and select “Disable.”

That should do it!

What Key Disables the Touchpad?

On a Windows laptop, the most common way to disable the touchpad is to press the Fn key along with the F6 key. This will toggle the touchpad on and off. Some laptops have a physical switch that disables the touchpad entirely; if your laptop has this feature, you’ll usually find it along the edge of the touchpad or near the keyboard.

How Do I Disable Dell Touchpad When Mouse is Plugged In?

If you have a Dell laptop, there’s a good chance that it came with a touchpad. While these are generally pretty good, sometimes you just want to use an external mouse instead. Here’s how to disable the touchpad on your Dell laptop when an external mouse is plugged in.

First, open up the Dell Touchpad utility by clicking on the Start button and then searching for “Dell Touchpad.” Click on the “Dell Touchpad” icon when it appears in the search results. In the window that opens up, click on the tab labeled “Device Settings.”

Then, find the section labeled “External Device Settings.” You’ll see two options here: “Disable When External USB Pointing Device Plugged In” and “Enable When External USB Pointing Device Plugged In.” Make sure that the former is checked and then click on OK to save your changes.

Now, whenever you plug in an external mouse (or any other USB pointing device), the touchpad will be automatically disabled.

What is the Function Key for the Touchpad on Dell Laptop?

The function key for the touchpad on a Dell laptop is typically the “Fn” key, located at the bottom left of the keyboard. This key allows you to enable or disable the touchpad. To disable the touchpad, simply press and hold the “Fn” key, then press the appropriate function key (usually F5 or F6) to toggle off the touchpad.

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How to Disable Touchpad on Dell Laptop Windows 10

If you have a Dell laptop with Windows 10, you may find that the touchpad is enabled by default. This can be annoying if you don’t use the touchpad and would prefer to disable it. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Start > Settings > Devices. 2. Select the “Touchpad” tab on the left side of the window. 3. Toggle off the “Enable Touchpad” option.

You can now close the Settings window and your touch pad will be disabled!

How to Disable Touchpad on Dell Laptop Shortcut

If you’re like me, you probably use a mouse most of the time when working on your laptop. But there are times when the touchpad can come in handy, like when you’re traveling and don’t have room for a mouse. Or maybe you just want to disable it to clean it!

Either way, here’s a quick guide on how to disable the touchpad on a Dell laptop using a shortcut. 1. First, locate the Fn key on your keyboard. It’s usually located in the lower left corner, near the Ctrl key.

2. Once you’ve found it, press and hold down the Fn key, then tap the F3 key once. This will disable the touchpad temporarily. To re-enable it, just press Fn+F3 again.

That’s all there is to it! This shortcut works on most Dell laptops, but if yours is different then consult your user manual for more instructions.

How to Enable Touchpad on Dell Laptop

If your Dell laptop has a touchpad, you can enable it in the Device Settings menu. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Open the Device Settings menu by pressing the Windows key + X on your keyboard.

2. Click on the “Devices and Printers” option. 3. In the Devices and Printers window, find your touchpad device and right-click on it. 4. Select “Enable” from the pop-up menu that appears.

5. Close the Devices and Printers window and you should now be able to use your touchpad normally!

How to Enable Touchpad on Dell Laptop Windows 10

If you have a Dell laptop with a touchpad and you’re running Windows 10, you may be wondering how to enable the touchpad. Luckily, it’s easy to do. First, open the Settings app by clicking the Start button and then clicking the Settings icon.

In the Settings app, click on Devices. In the Devices settings window, click on Touchpad in the left sidebar. In the right pane, make sure that the Touchpad toggle switch is set to On.

If it’s set to Off, click on it to turn it On. That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve enabled the touchpad, you can use all of its features.



If you have a Dell laptop, you may want to know how to disable the touchpad. This can be helpful if you are using an external mouse or trackpad and don’t want the touchpad to be active. There are a few different ways that you can disable the touchpad on a Dell laptop.

One way is to go into the Mouse settings in the Control Panel and disable the touchpad there. Another way is to press the Fn key + F3 key, which will toggle the touchpad on and off. Finally, you can also just physically disconnect the touchpad from the laptop by removing the screws that hold it in place.

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