How to Get Keys in Cat Quest

In Cat Quest, there are a variety of ways to get keys. Keys are important in Cat Quest as they’re used to unlock chests and doors. Here are some tips on how to get keys in Cat Quest:

1) One way to get keys is by defeating enemies. When you defeat an enemy, they’ll sometimes drop a key. Be sure to search their bodies after defeating them!

2) Another way to get keys is by completing quests. Often times, quest rewards will include keys. 3) You can also find keys just lying around the world.

Keep your eyes peeled when exploring, as you never know when you’ll come across a key! 4) Finally, you can purchase keys from shops. If you have some extra money, this is always an option.

How to get "Golden Keys" – Cat Quest

  • Download and install the game on your computer or mobile device
  • Start the game and select the “Get Keys” option from the main menu
  • Follow the instructions onscreen to complete the process

How to Get the Golden Key in Cat Quest 2

In Cat Quest 2, there is a side quest that allows you to get the golden key. This key is required to enter the treasure room in the Black Tower. In order to get the key, you must first complete the main story questline up to the point where you rescue the king of cats.

Once this is done, speak to him and he will give you a letter that needs to be delivered to Queen Tasha in Felingard. Take the letter from King Leo to Queen Tasha in her castle. After reading it, she’ll tell you about a lost city of gold that your ancestor, King Pawrigus I, had discovered.

She tasks you with finding this city and brings up a map showing its location. The map leads you to an area called “The Golden Isle” which can only be reached by using a special boat located in Felingard’s harbor. Once on The Golden Isle, follow the map until you reach what looks like a dead end surrounded by quicksand.

Use your fire breath ability on the quicksand (press R2/RT) and it will turn into solid ground allowing you access to underground ruins. Make your way through these ruins until you find yourself in front of a large door with a sun symbol on it – this is entrance to the city of gold! However, before going any further make sure you have at least one health potion with as there are tough enemies ahead.

Inside the city of gold defeat all enemies and open all treasure chests until finally reaching its throne room whereupon defeating its ruler; The Guardian; You claim victory and receive not only loads of experience but also…the golden key!

Cat Quest Cheats

Looking for some Cat Quest cheats to help you get ahead in the game? Here are a few that should help you out! 1. Health Cheat – If you want to keep your kitty’s health up, make sure to use the “health cheat”.

This will give them an extra life and make it easier for you to progress through the game. 2. Damage Cheat – For an easy way to take down enemies, use the “damage cheat”. This will do double damage to any foe you come across, making things much simpler for you!

3. Experience Cheat – Want to level up quickly? Then make use of the “experience cheat”! This will grant extra experience points whenever you defeat an enemy, allowing you to level up at a much faster rate.

How to Walk on Water in Cat Quest

“How to Walk on Water in Cat Quest” Have you ever wanted to walk on water like Jesus? Well, now you can…in Cat Quest!

Here’s how: First, make sure you have the “Water Walking” ability, which is unlocked at level 5. Then, go to any body of water and press the jump button (A on Xbox One/X/Switch, X on PS4/Pro).

You’ll automatically start walking across the surface! Just be careful not to fall off the edge – if you do, you’ll take damage and be pulled back onto dry land. And that’s all there is to it!

Now go forth and explore the world of Cat Quest…on water!

Cat Quest Walkthrough

Welcome to our Cat Quest walkthrough! This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of completing this fun and addicting game. The objective of Cat Quest is simple – guide your feline hero through a series of quests in order to save their kidnapped sister.

Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous enemies and puzzles – but don’t worry, we’re here to help! This walkthrough will provide detailed instructions on how to complete each quest, as well as provide tips and tricks for success. Let’s get started!

Cat Quest 5000 Gold Chest

In Cat Quest, there are a variety of different ways to get gold. One way is through purchasing it from the in-game store using real money. However, if you’re looking to earn gold without spending any money, there are still plenty of options available to you.

One such option is opening Gold Chests. Gold Chests can be found all throughout the world of Cat Quest and often contain a large amount of gold. They can be opened by simply interacting with them, but beware – some Gold Chests are trapped and will damage you if you’re not careful!

Be sure to save up your health potions before attempting to open one of these chests. There are also special Gold Chests that can only be opened by completing certain quests or tasks. These usually award a larger sum of gold than regular Gold Chests, so they’re definitely worth going out of your way for!

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to earn gold in Cat Quest, make sure to keep an eye out for Gold Chests!

Where is Gentle Town in Cat Quest

There is no Gentle Town in Cat Quest.

Cat Quest Golden Chest Locations

Golden chests are a type of collectible in the game Cat Quest. They are often well-hidden, and contain valuable items such as rare weapons and armor. In this blog post, we’ll show you the locations of all five golden chests in Cat Quest!

The first golden chest is located in Felingard’s castle. To reach it, enter the castle via the main gate and go to the right. There will be a door leading to a room with several paintings on the walls.

One of these paintings is hiding a secret passage – walk through it to find the chest! The second golden chest can be found in the southern part of The Great Forest. From the starting area, follow the path south until you reach a fork in the road.

Take the left path (the one that’s not blocked by vines) and keep going until you see a small clearing on your left with a tree in the center. The chest is hidden behind this tree! The third golden chest is located near Lake Hylia, in Hyrule Field.

From Lake Hylia, head north into Hyrule Field. After passing through some tall grass, you should see an open area on your left with some rocks scattered around. The chest is hidden behind one of these rocks!

The fourth golden chest can be found in Death Mountain crater. From Goron City, take the path east towards Death Mountain crater. Just before reaching the crater, you should see an alcove on your right with some boulders blocking the way forward – destroy these boulders with a bomb flower to reveal the hidden chest!

The fifth and final golden chest is located in Ganon’s Tower. To reach it, enter Ganon’s Tower from either side entrance and make your way up to top floor via one of elevators or staircases (it doesn’t matter which). On top floor, go towards northwest corner where you should find this last Chest waiting for you next to statue depicting Zelda herself!

How to Get Keys in Cat Quest


How Do I Get Golden Keys in Cat Quest 2?

In Cat Quest 2, you can get golden keys by defeating certain enemies, clearing certain dungeons, or completing certain quests. Some of the enemies that drop golden keys include the following: -Golden Dragons

-Giant Bats -Horned Rabbits -Treasure Chests (rare)

To defeat a Golden Dragon, you’ll need to be at least level 10 and have good fire resistance gear. For Giant Bats, you should be around level 15 and have good wind resistance gear. Horned Rabbits are found in the wild and don’t require any specific gear to beat them.

Treasure Chests have a very low chance of dropping a key, but they can be found all over the world.

How Do You Get Cat Keys?

If you’re looking for cat keys, there are a few places you can check. The first is your local shelter or rescue group. They may have some adoptable cats that come with a key.

Another option is to check online classifieds or pet-related websites. There are often people looking to rehome their cats and they may include a key in the sale. If you have a specific type of cat in mind, you can also try contacting breeders.

Some breeders will sell kittens with a key included in the price. Whatever route you choose, make sure you do your research before bringing a new cat into your home. Getting a cat key should be the least of your worries when it comes to finding the perfect feline friend!

How Do You Open the Big Chest Cat Quest?

In Cat Quest, the big chest is located in the northeastern corner of themap, behind some bushes. To open it, simply approach it and press theinteract button. Doing so will cause your character to automaticallyopen the chest and receive its contents.

How Do You Get Golden Keys in Cat Quest?

In Cat Quest, players can earn golden keys by completing certain tasks or defeating specific enemies. For example, one way to get a golden key is to defeat the final boss in the game. Other ways to earn golden keys include finding them in secret areas, completing side quests, or trading with other players.


In Cat Quest, the player will often find themselves in need of keys to unlock new areas. Keys can be found in a variety of places, including chests and defeated enemies. To make sure you don’t miss any keys, be sure to search every nook and cranny as you explore the world of Cat Quest.

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