How to Get Secret Victories Emblem

In the game of Destiny 2, players can earn a special emblem called the Secret Victories Emblem. This emblem is only awarded to players who complete all of the Triumphs associated with the Solstice of Heroes event. In order to get this coveted emblem, players will need to put in a lot of time and effort into completing all of the Triumphs.

However, it is worth it as the Secret Victories Emblem is a sign of true dedication to the game.

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  • Getting the Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2 is a multi-step process that requires completing a number of difficult challenges
  • Here are the steps: 1
  • Complete the Red War campaign – The first step to getting the emblem is to complete the main story campaign for Destiny 2, known as the Red War
  • This will unlock a number of other activities and quests that are necessary for acquiring the emblem
  • Reach level 20 and power up your character – Once you’ve completed the Red War campaign, you’ll need to reach level 20 with one of your characters and power them up to the maximum Power Level of 300
  • This can be done by completing various activities and earning powerful gear drops
  • Finish all 8 Destinations’ worth of content – The next step is to finish all 8Destinations’ worth of content, which includes finishing all quest lines, obtaining all region chests, and defeating all bosses
  • Only then will you have access to secret missions required for the emblem
  • Complete 5 secret missions – After completing all 8Destinations’ worth of content, 5 secret missions will become available from certain NPCs around the world map
  • These must be completed in order to earn the Secret Victories Emblem
How to Get Secret Victories Emblem


-How Do I Get the Secret Victories Emblem

In order to get the Secret Victories emblem in Destiny 2, you must first complete the Leviathan raid. Once you have done so, you will need to talk to Calus in the Underbelly and purchase the Triumph “The Path of Most Resistance”. This Triumph requires you to complete a series of difficult challenges within the raid.

Once you have completed all of the challenges, you will be awarded with the Secret Victories emblem.

These Are: 1) Get 100 Kills With a Sniper Rifle 2) Get 25 Double Kills With a Shotgun 3) Use 50 Health Packs 4) Kill 5 Enemies While You’Re Blinded by a Flashbang Grenade 5) Kill 10 Enemies While They’Re Stunned by a Stun Grenade 6) Destroy 10 Vehicles 7) Hack 20 Terminals 8 )Kill 4 Enemies With One C4 Charge 9) Kill 4 Enemies With One Frag Grenade 10) Get 3 Knife Kills

Assuming you are playing the online multiplayer game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, here is how to complete the above mentioned challenges: 1) Get 100 kills with a sniper rifle- To get started, equip yourself with a sniper rifle and find a good vantage point. Take your time aiming for headshots and racking up those kills.

It will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to reach 100 kills relatively easily. 2) Get 25 double kills with a shotgun- A shotgun is great for close range encounters, so try to get as close to your enemy as possible before pulling the trigger. If there are two enemies close together, take them both out with one shot for a double kill.

Repeat this until you reach 25 double kills. 3) Use 50 health packs- In order to use a health pack, press Up on the d-pad (or whatever button is assigned to using items in the game settings). This will bring up your inventory, where you can select and use different items such as health packs.

Keep using health packs until you’ve used 50 in total. 4) Kill 5 enemies while you’re blinded by a flashbang grenade- First things first, make sure you have a flashbang grenade equipped. When you’re ready, throw the grenade at an enemy or group of enemies and quickly switch to your gun and start firing blindly.

The flashbang will temporarily blind and disorient your enemies, making them easy targets. Do this five times to complete the challenge. 5) Kill 10 enemies while they’re stunned by a stun grenade- Like with the flashbang challenge, equip yourself with a stun grenade and throw it at an enemy or group of enemies.

Once they’re stunned, open fire and kill as many of them as possible before the effect wears off (10 seconds). Rinse and repeat until you’ve killed 10 stunned enemies total. 6) Destroy 10 vehicles- For this one, simply find any vehicles that are driven by enemies (such as jeeps or tanks) and destroy them using whatever weapons are available to you (C4 charges work well).

You can also destroy empty vehicles if there are no driverless ones around. Repeat until you’ve destroyed 10 vehicles total. 7) Hack 20 terminals- In order to hack terminals, approach them and press the appropriate button when prompted (this will vary depending on what game console you’re using).


In order to get the Secret Victories emblem in Destiny 2, players will need to complete all of the Triumphs associated with the Season of Opulence. These Triumphs can be found in the Triumphs tab of the player’s menu, and they must all be completed before the season ends on August 27th. Once these are done, players will receive a notification informing them that they have unlocked the emblem.

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