How to Get Xp Potion Spiritfarer

There are lots of ways to get XP Potion in Spiritfarer. You can find them by foraging, fishing, or defeating enemies. You can also get them as rewards from certain quests.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the different ways you can get your hands on some XP Potions in Spiritfarer!

  • Obtain a Glim including from fishing, defeating enemies, or destroying Spirit Flowers
  • Use the Glim to purchase the Xp Potion recipe from Stella’s shop
  • Collect the required ingredients for the recipe which are 1x Blueberry and 1x Flourite
  • Cook the potion at a fully upgraded kitchen by adding both ingredients to the cooking pot then selecting “Cook”

How to Get XP Potion In Spiritfarer | Spiritfarer Guide

-What is the Best Way to Get Xp Potion Spiritfarer

Assuming you’re talking about the game Spiritfarer, the best way to get XP Potions is to simply play the game and progress through the story. There are a couple of side quests that will also net you some XP Potions as well, but for the most part just playing through and completing tasks will give you what you need. There are also a few Achievements/Trophies tied to collecting XP Potions, so if you’re going for those then make sure to check your progress on those as well.

How to Get Xp Potion Spiritfarer



In “Spiritfarer,” players take on the role of Stella, a ferrymaster to the dead who helps ease their passage into the afterlife. One way players can help spirits is by giving them items they’re looking for, like an XP potion. Here’s how to get an XP potion for a spirit in need.

First, you’ll need to have unlocked at least one spirit flower and have it growing in your garden. Once it blooms, water it with rainwater (collected from downpours) until a small rainbow appears above the plant. Then, approach the plant and press the interaction button to harvestXP potions from it.

Give these to any spirits that ask for them and they’ll be very grateful!

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